You mention “Kate Spade” and visions of designer handbags instantly come to mind; however, she has broadened her horizons once again to now include designer style Kindle Covers. No more “nerdy”, plain, unattractive covers for Amazons newest generation e-reader. Now it’s style all the way with the Kate Spade Kindle Covers. This isn’t the first […]

While the various types of newsgroups are those which allow for the exchange of file data and those which only allow for the posting of text messages. There is also a hierarchy which allows for the creation of newsgroups which fall outside the standard categories of these groups. Essentially, an alt binaries group is a […]

Black Friday 2010 is almost upon us – one of the biggest shopping occasions of the year and the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season, it falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and this year it's on November 26. While it's not uncommon to see throngs of shoppers lining up outside popular stores on […]