7 Pros And Cons Of Doing Penis Exercises To Enlarge Your Penis (Know The Truth BEFORE You Start)

Interested in doing penis exercises to enlarge your penis? You are? That’s good to know! The reason why is because this is basically the ONLY natural method around that actually works! This method works because it is based around science… and not stupid gimmicks that do nothing but cause harm to a man’s penis. Having said that, if you want to get started with this method, I highly recommend you check out my top 7 pros and cons of this method before you start. This way you’ll know what to expect prior to beginning…

Con #1 – Are We There Yet?!

With doing natural exercises to enlarge your manhood, it’s going to take 8-12 weeks to get results. You do start seeing “some” results in the first couple of weeks, but to get the FULL results, it’s going to take 2-4 months. This is because this method is 100% natural and is based around causing cell division and regrowth of the cells in your penile chambers. This is why it takes this amount of time to get full results.

Having said that, 8-12 weeks is actually not that long… especially in comparison to other methods. For example, hanging weights (which I STRONGLY recommend you avoid by all means necessary) MAY add an inch in length (with no other benefits) in about a years time. On the other hand, penis exercises can add 1-4 inches to your size (plus a TON of other benefits) in 8-12 weeks.

Con #2 – What Am I, A Freaking Robot?!

LOL! With exercising your penis, you are going to have to stay 100% consistent with this method to get results. You can not, and I repeat, you CAN NOT stop and start with this method and then wonder why you’re not seeing significant results. You MUST stick with it consistently in order to get the results you are hoping for.

Con #3 – Hey, What The Heck Is Going On?! Why Have I Stopped Seeing Results?!

This is one of the most common complaints men have about this method, but it is clearly stated in the program you download that there will be a period of time where you don’t actually SEE results. Guess what? That’s actually a GOOD thing! The reason why is because, just as long as you are still doing the routines exactly as you are guided, this means that you manhood is in the phase of rebuilding cell tissue! And this means that during this time, you won’t see growth happening, BUT, within the next few weeks, all of sudden, BAM… your penis is now getting bigger right before your eyes!

Pro #1 – Whoa… I Didn’t Know This Goes Beyond Just Growing Longer!

Yup, when you do natural exercises to enlarge your manhood, you don’t just add length to your size, you also add thickness to your erections, your erections become firmer, you make your penis look more attractive, your libido increases, you cure premature ejaculation, you’ll be able to “shoot” your load instead of “squirting”… and so much more (as if the previous things I just mentioned wasn’t enough!).

Pro #2 – Why Am I Not Feeling Pain Like With Other Methods?

Exercises do not cause side-effects. Because this method is 100% natural, the routines you do are very safe and gentle, and because you are only using your hands to do these exercises, you don’t have to worry about getting side-effects. The only way you get side-effects with penis exercises is by not following the guide thoroughly, doing exercises that you don’t find in a reputable program, doing the exercises longer than what is recommended, or not using natural lubrication for the exercises that require it.

Pro #3 – Why Do I Still Have Money?!

Haha! Yes, this would indicate that most products in the male enhancement industry are BEYOND pricey (or should I say… OVERPRICED)! With penis exercises, you’ll be surprised to see that this extremely effective and 100% all natural method only costs around 50 bucks ONCE to join a reputable program. Some programs (like the one I went on) have some amazing Add-Ons (such as a premature ejaculation program, how to seduce women guide, etc.) that you can pay extra for if you want to.

Pro #4 – How Many Times Do I Have To Restart The Program To Upkeep My Results?

ZERO! Once you do the routines, and then obtain all the results you hoped for, you keep those results for life. You do not have to keep doing these routines over and over again.

In other words, it pays BIG TIME to go natural!

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