Baby Thank You Wording – 4 Thank You Note Samples

Here’s some sample baby thank you wording for after a baby shower, along with notes about the thank you words to fill in for yourself.

Baby Thank You Note Samples For Clothes:

Dear [Name]

Thank you so much for [baby’s name] new outfit [article of clothing]. {Baby’s name] will look great in the outfit you got him/her [make sure and mention something about the article of clothing – its color, or material, or a picture if it has a picture of something on it, etc.]. You’ve got great taste!

Thank you so much,

[Your name]

Sample Baby Shower Wording Thank You Note For Money:

Dear [Name]

Thank you so much for your generous gift of money. [It’s generally in bad taste to mention the exact amount.] We used it for/planned to use it for [blank]. [Be sure and mention what you plan to use it for – it really helps the giver to feel appreciated. If you haven’t decided yet, then make your best guess!]

Having a baby can be expensive. Your gift at this time is really appreciated.

Thank you so much,

[Your name]

Baby Thank You Wording For a Gift Certificate:

Dear [Name]

Thank you for the [Store] gift card. [Again, don’t mention the specific amount]. It’s one of my/our favorite stores. We used it/will likely use it to buy ______________.

The gift card was a really generous and practical gift that will help us grow our family. It’s really appreciated-thank you so much!

Thanks again,

[Your name]

Baby Thank You Wording For a Blanket:

Dear [Name}

Thank you for the cuddly baby blanket. Seeing [baby’s name] in it will be adorable, and at the same time remind us of you!

The blanket you gave us was a warm gift in more ways than one – you’re a great friend to have. Thank you so much.


[Your name]

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Always mention the specific gift in your thank you letter, note, or card – unless it’s a specific dollar amount.

Hand-write the notes and/or have someone else help you write them.

Give your baby shower host a special thank-you – candy, a fruit-basket, a gift picture-frame, or any small nice thing that will show your appreciation.

Do your best to send every thank you card with your special baby thank you wording, within two a week time frame. If you miss the two-week deadline, remember that you’re still better late, than never!

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