Comparing Samsung R355c to the Samsung Finesse

Samsung r355c and the Samsung Finesse are both part of Tracfone’s prepaid phones lineup. Similarity of those two phones cannot be found in many features that they offer to their users. They both have a nice, elegant look with wide screens, which enables fast texting.

And that’s about it. The first difference between these two phones is the price. By seeing the price, which is $129 for r355c and around $300 for Finesse, you can spot right away which phone is more advanced. They actually both have characteristics that at first glance remind users of smartphones, which they are definitely not.

For the Samsung r355c, comparison to Blackberry comes from its look, which is with full QUERTY keyboard as well as wide screen. This phone does not have anything that shows that it is a “cheap” prepaid phone but small Tracfone’s logo centered below the screen. In case of the Samsung Finesse, it is even harder to notice that it is not a smartphone because of its large touch screen display, where by touching and dragging widgets, you decide which one you want to use and put on the main screen.

Samsung r355c is affordable prepaid phone that is suitable for users that, more than anything else, need the phone for talking and texting. If you consider this phone with available prepaid plans from Tracfone’s Straight Talk, r355c is a perfect choice for users that think more about saving and do not go way over their budget to possess an attractive phone. If you remember, this phone reminds of Blackberry smartphone.

In case of the Samsung Finesse, this phone is the perfect choice for people who want as attractive phone as they can have, together with using prepaid plans, which will allow them to save money every month. The price of $300 justifies what this phone has to offer to its users. Straight Talk’s prepaid plan offers unlimited web browsing which can be used in full potential with this phone. Large touch screen display, full HTML browser and the phone’s EVDO 3g speed are exactly the features that can be taken advantage of with Samsung Finesse.

Apart from all features and advantages of Finesse when compared to r355c, there is one thing where r355c is better than Finesse. Samsung r355c has stronger reception and signal strength. If you have r355c while being somewhere hidden, deep inside buildings or in some fringe areas, you will be able to make calls, which cannot be guaranteed with other phones.

As other features are considered, Finesse has 2-megapixel camera, which can take a great pictures and record videos that you can store on up to 16 GB micro SD cards. With r355c, you will get 1.3 megapixel camera, no video recording but with same expandable SD card slot with up to 16 GB capacity. MP3 player and a BlueTooth are features that come logically to Finesse but should be mentioned as great additions with r355c.

These two phones cannot be compared in matter of what features they are offering. However, they should be compared when you, as a future user of the prepaid plans, need to decide what exactly you expect from your phone.

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