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Ever since the smartphones came to being, it has given rise to what is now known as the app economy. So how does this work? Smartphones are now the new interface for people to communicate, work and collaborate. By offering mobile apps that can be downloaded on to these interfaces, the developers offer more utility for the smartphone users. In return, the developers either get a new ‘estate’ to display ads and monetize or they can simply make money by selling the apps at a cost. 

The most popular interface that has given a spurt to the mobile app economy is the iPhone. The iPhone mobile app Store is one of the fledging ecosystem of app developers and iPhone users that has become very popular. This has now become a vicious cycle whereby the increasing success of mobile apps in the App Store has given rise to more and more developers pluging into the fray thus increasing supply while reducing the overall quality of apps. 

So, which are those best mobile apps that people actually find useful on their iPhones? Since there are potentially several thousands of these apps, they can be rather studied by the categories they belong to. According to a recent study of the best mobile apps, here are the results

1. News : 11

2. Reference : 10.7

3. Weather : 10.5

4. Books : 10.0

5. Lifestyle : 8

6. Utilities : 7.7

7. Games : 7.4

8. Health & Fitness : 7

9. Travel : 7

10. Productivity : 6

Information related mobile apps are clearly having an upper hand as we see from the list above. 

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