How To Change Your Life For The Better With A Few Simple Strategies

If you’re lost and don’t know where to start in changing your life, start by getting yourself a gratitude diary. A gratitude diary is a notebook where you can write down everything you are grateful for on a daily basis.

By doing so, you are re-wiring your brain to focus on the things which bring you happiness and a sense of well-being. Many people, including those who surround us, do the opposite. They focus on all the difficulties and tragedies which are occurring. If you’re surrounded by people like this, this is another area to look at.

Our income, and indeed our happiness levels, can often be determined by those around us. Look at the people in your life as a first step. How many of them actually reflect your ideas and attitudes? How many of them are really genuine relationships you want to keep?

As well as keeping a gratitude diary, it’s a good idea to notice little things that put you in a bad state of mind. Little things add up through your day. Just today I noticed that my phone charger wasn’t working. Several times it hasn’t charged my phone. I can feel each time that I am getting annoyed with it and blaming my phone, (I won’t mention the make)!

iPhone, I mean my phone is then a source of altering my state into the negative. A little change of either getting a new charger, or perhaps upgrading my phone (just what they want), can make a big difference over time. Not only will I focus less on the small issue of not getting my phone charged when I want to, but I’ll have a shiny new phone too!

Make a note of the small things around you that cause you problems. Then make decisive changes to alter them to your satisfaction. Do this on a regular basis. Don’t let little things eat into your enjoyment of life. Take charge.

If it’s something bigger which is causing problems, address it. Remember, you are in charge of your life, whether you think so or not. Being ‘passive’ is still a choice. Be pro-active instead, even with the small things. By doing so you’ll see a new you as your life changes. Your environment is a good first place to start too. Make it beautiful. Make it a place you want to be in. Tidying has a two-fold benefit. You get to create a better environment and you practice being pro-active. This will then filter into other areas of your life.

Let’s say you’ve got bigger problems than making your space nice and fixing a broken appliance. Maybe you hate your job or your life is making you miserable. Again, gratitude can make a huge difference if you feel trapped. But you also need a longer term solution to change. Start thinking about how you can make changes. What else could you do. Don’t burden yourself with heavy emotions while doing so. Make it light, like a challenge, not a problem.

Meditation is a good way to shift your energy out of the problem and into a more aware state. Exercise is another obvious solution which many people overlook when they become fixated on a problem or a situation. Simply sitting still and paying attention to your breathing, takes your attention away from your thoughts. Your thoughts can be your worse enemy. Don’t allow them to overcome you.

If your mind is continually focused on what is wrong, you’ll create more of what is wrong. What you think about and thank about, you bring about. The mind is a creative tool. Learn how to take charge of it, and your life will follow the tracks of your new thinking processes.

Whatever you want to change in your life, you must believe it is possible as a first step. If you continually think in the same way, and do the same things, you’ll experience the same reality in your life. If you want to change things, you need to change the way you react and think on a daily basis.

So, some simply strategies to improve your life are:

Meditation, gratitude, exercise, environment and becoming pro-active with the small things which are vexing you. Eventually this pro-active attitude will filter into the big things and you’ll have learned to take creative control of your own life. Good luck!

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