LG G3 Smartphone Software Review

We have looked at the impressive hardware of the G3 in earlier reviews, namely its 5.5 inch QHD resolution screen, 4K video camera and quad-core processor. Here we take a look at the all important software features.

As is the deal with all three rival smartphones (the Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5 and HTC M8), the LG G3 comes with Android 4.4 KitKat which, in this case, has been overlaid with the firm's latest Optimus user interface.

Overall the interface is simpler and cleaner than what has gone before. As with Samsungs new TouchWiz software, LG has removed all unnecessary visual elements, whilst the bespoke apps have been given their own colors. The new interface offers a sleek and modern feel to it with some of the round icons in the notification area looking very similar to those on the Galaxy range.

New features include Knock Code which lets you tap the screen in a particular sequence to unlock the phone (apparently 80,000 combinations are possible). The idea takes gesture unlocking a step further as it is considered potentially insecure because there is often a visible outline left on the phone offering a clue as to how to unlock it. Simply tapping the screen using Knock Code does not leave such a clue.

The KnockOn feature lets you turn the screen on or off by double tapping it, thus introducing another way in which to maximise battery life.

Smart Notice is another notable app which is similar to Google Now on the Nexus 5. In summary it allows the G3 to make suggestions and offer tips based around the current status of the device including location, use and behavior.

The Smart Tips feature has some useful attributes. It will ask if you want to uninstall apps that haven't been used for a long time, if you want to call back after a missed call and if you wanted to switch on Wi-Fi when you arrive at work.

One further feature that we love is Smart Keyboard which tries to learn from your mistakes. The software will remember which keys you hit by mistake and what you actually meant to type with the aim of improving accuracy by as much as 75 per cent. We are told it can take a while for the phone to fully learn your habits and show consistent improvements. Smart Keyboard also allows you to swipe across the space key to move the cursor along rather than try to pinpoint an exact place on the screen with your finger in order to correct mistakes or add text, a superb idea.

As with its three main smartphone rivals, the software now includes a health and fitness app called LG Health. It can track your activity without the need for an additional plug in device.

Another feature now popular on rival handsets, mainly due to the ever increasing screen sizes, is dual-window. This allows the user to run two apps side-by-side thus allowing scenarios such as watching a movie whist trying and email.

Software seen on previous LG handsets including QMemo, QRemote, QSlide and QVoice are all included on the G3.


The predecessor to this handset was the first smartphone to come with integrated 24bit / 192kHz audio playback. This feature is retained and to help make use of it the G3 includes a 1 watt speaker with a 'boost amp' that aims to improve sound quality. Considering it's a smartphone, the volume that can be achieved is impressive, although due to the need to keep the handset as small as possible the speaker is rear facing and mono and therefore lags well behind the sound quality seen on the rival HTC and its front firing system.


The LG G3 is the company's best phone yet, even beating the impressive G2. The screen is a massive highlight as is the impressive packaging, whilst battery life has been kept at more than respectable levels.

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