Mobile Phone Contracts: Which Display Is Better iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3?

With so much sales spin surrounding these two great devices, it’s not easy deciding which smartphone is right for you especially when it’s time to upgrade your mobile phone contract. These days web browsing and data streaming are must haves and this has a knock on effect on the display screen, making it a critical factor. The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 have taken a distinctly different view with regards the screen. In this review we’ll take you through a comprehensive display face off between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 to help the decision process.

At Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 5, the team were eager to impress that, despite the increased size, the device was easy to navigate with one hand. However, as a man with average sized hands, I can tell you that it’s not possible to reach the top left corner of the screen without sliding the handset down a bit. The Samsung S3 has a 4.8′ display, and doesn’t apologize for its size. Apple thought some may be put off by the large screen, so produced the iPhone 5 with a 4′ display. Given that it’s not possible for most people to completely use either phone with just one hand, should Apple have increased the size of the display?

Bearing in mind the cost of the handset (iPhone 5 mobile phone contracts don’t come cheap), if screen size is anything to go buy you get greater value for money with the Galaxy S3. But it’s not as simple as that.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 Super AMOLED HD screen integrates a glass surface with touch sensors, which removes at least one layer of glass from the device. The net result is a more responsive and lighter screen. AMOLED displays are known for having readability issues in direct sunlight, making the image virtually impossible to see. The Super AMOLED HD version is specifically designed to reduce the impact of this. Comparisons showed that the Galaxy S3’s blacks are… well… blacker. The depth of the overall display has an added dimension because of the inky blacks – that’s because AMOLED displays don’t actually produce the color black, only white and other colors. This brings 2 main benefits:

1. AMOLED saves battery as it’s not working to create a black image

2. The black images appear less artificial as they are not created by the display

Apple iPhone 5

Apple use IPS (in-pane switching) which offers a wider viewing angle so you don’t have to tilt the device in unfavorable lighting conditions. IPS technology makes the screen far more responsive and durable. The net result is that the iPhone 5 has improved versatility over the 4S whilst maintaining a good level of image quality in different conditions. Coupled with a great camera, the iPhone is a good all-rounder for those looking for mid-priced mobile phone contracts.

Why is Pixel density important?

Pixel density contributes to the overall evenness of the image. A smooth image is more acceptable to the eye and will enhance your viewing. The iPhone 5 has 326 pixels per square inch and Galaxy S3 has 306. But the smaller the screen the closer to your face you’ll want it. The main thing is that the Galaxy S3’s reduced pixel density makes your eye fill in the blanks at a distance, whereas on the iPhone 5, the detail is under greater scrutiny. So when you hold the iPhone 5 closer to read the news or watch a movie, the effect is that the image is less realistic and the colors don’t seem quite right. Especially when viewing images that you’re familiar with. The question to ask yourself is how much data will your mobile phone contract offer? If the answer is ‘a lot’ then the Galaxy S3 is a compelling choice.

Conclusion: The phone with the best display is…

In a side by side comparison, the image quality of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is slightly superior to that of the iPhone 5. The overall effect of the Super AMOLED HD is simply more impressive in a variety of scenarios, especially when it comes to viewing HD movies and images. The array of colors and the density of the images were richer, had more depth and were more atmospheric than compared to the iPhone 5.

Now that the Apple vs. Samsung battle has left court and hit the high streets, there’s no doubt that the battle for top-end smartphone supremacy will see the iPhone 5 go head to head against the Galaxy S3 this Christmas. Which mobile phone contracts will you be buying?

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