Samsung UE6B7000 – A Review

Watching television is something that many individuals spend anywhere from two to five hours each day doing. When you watch television, we sure you do not want to stare at a picture that is a bit on the dull side. We know that you want to watch high quality graphics. With the Samsung UE46B7000, high quality graphics is not all you will be getting. You see, there are many features tot his television that you will enjoy. Continue forward as we tell you why we give this television two thumbs up …

The new Samsung UE46B7000 is a 46-inch LED television set that is definitely worth the money you spend on it. The image quality, color depth and picture clarity coupled with an easy set up and superb finish make this set one of the best available in the market. Although a little pricey, you can assured that you are paying for a quality product that justifies the price.

The Samsung UE46B7000 TV screen has a high definition pictures with a 1080 pixel resolution which creates an only one of its kind and matchless viewing experience with amazingly sharp image quality and fluid pictures. The screen has an alternative backlight LED technology which provides excellent contrast and sharpness; and with an HD cable connection, it brings colors alive!

The screen has a thickness of less than one inch and is easily mountable on a wall. Weighing only 17. 7 kilograms, the screen is unaffected adversely by light.

The Samsung UE46B7000 set is more energy saving than some of the other sets in the market that helps bring down your energy costs, and no mercury is released during viewing. The heat that the set releases is also significantly lower than other television sets. This also makes it eco friendly.

With its 100-hertz motion plus technology, interpolation frames are inserted between image frames making high action sequences blur free and providing a smoother, softer experience which is not hurtful to the eyes. You can connect the set to Blu-ray or a game console, through any of the four HMDI inputs and enjoy the action.

The Samsung UE46B7000 television has YouTube and yahoo widgets and can connect to the internet. You can play media files straight off your computer as the TV has a USB Media Player. This comes in handy when you want to see holiday photos and small video clips. When it comes to sound, the television's sound quality makes it a worthy contender in the market! Samsung's SRS Trusurround and DOLBY powered sound system compliments the superb image quality. Moreover, the remote and menu interface is extremely intuitive and personalizing options are extremely simple.

Owning the Samsung UE46B7000 is sure to cause some envy among your friends! It comes in two colors, red tinged bezel, and black. It is sleek, fashionable, light, trendy and smart! That is more than you can ask for in any television set. We've praised the set enough! You should now go out and get the Samsung UE46B7000 and enjoy its power packed, eco friendly, highly intuitive features! Needless to say, you won't be disappointed!

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