The iPhone 5 Is Out – Is It Worth the Hype?

The long anticipate release of the iPhone 5 has now arrived. Many wondered if the device could keep up with the technological revolutions displayed by its predecessors. The result is in and the feelings are polarized. The following article will delve into the release of the iPhone 5 and what audiences are saying thus far.

While many expected a revolutionary new look to the iPhone 5, the end result was strikingly similar in design to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The screen is reported to be 25% larger and the overall girth of the device is said to be slightly slimmer. The backside of the device features a matte finished black or white two-toned flat surface. Ergonomically speaking the device appears to be similar to grip with the added size making up for the more slim nature.

The main feature most users are talking about is the addition of 4G LTE compatibility. While many users are increasingly using their portable devices in on the go situations. The faster downloads are sure to make the overall experience more pleasurable.

The addition of the A6 processor will work in conjunction with the faster Internet capability and will streamline the experience. As applications continue to become more complex in nature, the increased speed of the processor will be vital to preventing freezes and slow operation.

The larger retina display boasts life like colors with vivid imagery that will enhance the user experience. While most users love the post on the go nature of smart phones, a large complaint has always been a sacrifice in resolution and on screen performance. This adaptation along with an enhanced camera will cure this issue.

As with all previous models of the iPhone, Apple has added some proprietary features geared for the iPhone 5 that previous model users will not experience. One such feature is the new photo lab that will allow in application video editing, and creation that provides the ease of alteration or origination before posting on the go. The panoramic angle enabled camera allows the viewer to expand image capturing possibilities.

While most iPhone enthusiasts are thrilled with the advancements of the device, many naysayers state that the innovations are lacking considering the duration of time since the last release as well as the increasing competitive nature of the smart phone market.

The cult like following of Apple will surely once again capture the hearts and minds of the masses and subsequently boast apple to record breaking profits.

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