The Nokia N9 And The Motorola Atrix Offer Great Looks

Perhaps one of the most major considerations to take into account when purchasing a mobile phone is just how good the handset looks. The modern handset has become a fashion accessory and often a consumers purchasing decision is based upon looks rather than performance. There are smartphones available which perfectly blend great features with cutting edge looks, the Nokia N9 and the Motorola Atrix are two such models.

The Motorola Atrix is one of the best looking phones in the marketplace. Its incredibly thin depth of 10.1mm makes the Atrix one of the most slender looking handsets available. The model offers a combination of attractive curves together with a textured back panel which not only looks good but feels comfortable in the palm of your hand. The Nokia N9 takes on a different approach altogether and it is evident that the developers wanted to make this phone different from any other handset available and they have certainly achieved their goal. The lack of physical buttons on the front of the phone enables the large display to be stretched to the very edges of the device. Rather than the curves found on the Atrix the N9 offers a much sharper and more angular design which does make the model stand out amongst its peers.

The Nokia N9 continues to impress when we look at the screens on the two models. At 3.9 inches the N9 sports an unusual display size but one which boasts an extremely high resolution of 480 x 854. Using the latest AMOLED technology the display recreates colours perfectly and offers great clarity to all manner of material. Durability is also good on this model thanks to the screen being made from Gorilla Glass, a material that makes it very resistant to scratches and scuffs. The display on the Atrix is one of the phones stand out features as it blends a huge 540 x 960 resolution together with a high standard 4 inch TFT screen. These figures combined offer a great pixels per inch rating of 275 which is nearly 40 more than what the new Nokia can offer. An area where the Atrix does offer superior performance to the N9 is in the engine room where its dual core processor proves more capable of handling multi tasking than the single core chip found on the N9.

The Nokia N9 and the Motorola Atrix are fairly well matched models with both phones offering impressive processors and high quality screens together with great looks. The N9 does offer something a little different from others in the shape of the Meego operating system and the stunning design which makes it the phone of choice in this comparison.

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