8 Ways to Make Money Fast

1. Visit a Pawn Shop or have a Yard Sale.

We all have stuff in our homes that we no longer use, some of us even have whole rooms or lofts full.

I want you to go around the house and be hyper-critical, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”.

Look in your closet, are there any clothes you haven’t worn in the past year or do not fit any more? What about children’s clothes, have your kids grown out of them?

Next look for unused electrical and electronic items. Are there any cell-phones you no longer use? How about computers, games consoles, hand-held games, old televisions, kitchen gadgets, power tools? These all have value if they are in working order!

By now you should be looking at everything in your home and deciding if you need it or not. If you decide you don’t need or want it any more what is stopping you from turning it into cash!

Some of these items will be suitable for a pawn shop, and some you can sell at a yard sale or flea market. Either way they will turn into cash which can start paying your debts.

There are other ways to sell awkward or specialist items, which I will come to soon.

2. Busking

Do you play a musical instrument?

Why not share your talent with shoppers or commuters and start busking in shopping areas or near bus or train stations. You will help brighten somebody’s day and can make cold hard cash while you do!

Do you have friends who play? Why not start a group or ban and play locally, many bars and restaurants are looking for new ways to attract customers and are willing to pay.

3. Sell Blood Plasma

Many blood banks and medical laboratories will pay cold, hard cash for your blood plasma. Check online or in Yellow Pages to see if there are any near you, and if you are in good health, this can even turn into a nice regular monthly income for you.

While we are considering this, you may also think about joining drug trials. Before new drugs can be approved for the market, pharmaceutical companies have to conduct human trials and are willing to pay for volunteers. This is not for everybody, but I just thought you needed to know about it.

4. Rent Your Space

Is your home located near a town centre, train station or airport? Do you have space for somebody to park their car? Why not rent that space and turn it into a nice regular income.

There are agencies that put drivers and property owners together for a fee. Or you could simply make a sign and hang it outside your home.

If you have spare room in your home – maybe the kids have left and their rooms are empty – you can take in lodgers. If you live in a particularly picturesque place you can even let your space to tourists.

There are several websites that let you advertise your space. We use AirBnb – the link to our space is at the bottom of this page – we don’t make a fortune from it, but it does pay to run our home.

5. Sell Items on Craigslist or eBay

If your search through your home uncovered specialised or hard to sell items, list them on the internet at Craigslist or eBay.

Both these sites have a global reach and are the “go to” sites for collectors or people looking for obscure items.

6. Get Paid for Grocery Shopping

Do you know anybody who hates grocery shopping, or doesn’t have the time to go? Why not offer to do their shopping for them.

I know that the major supermarkets offer online shopping and home delivery, however, I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust them to pick the freshest vegetables or products when the customer isn’t there in person. Also, you can deliver exactly when your client wants, so that they don’t have to make sure they are in between X o’clock and Y o’clock.

These days busy people are willing to pay for convenience and to free up their own time.

Which brings us to…

7. Wait in for Tradesmen

How often have you called an electrician or plumber and had to wait in all morning for them to turn up an 11:30 or even later?

If you are time-rich then offer to wait in for your neighbours, so they can continue with their lives.

8. Baby Sitting and Dog Walking

This is really an extension of the previous two ideas. Many people have busy work and/or social lives and are looking for reliable, trustworthy people to look after their children or animals. This can be a lucrative source of additional income for you.

So there you have it, eight ideas to help you make near-instant cash. I would love to hear how these ideas have worked for you, so please leave a comment with your story.

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