8GB Micro SDHC Deals

Here are a couple of deals I found on Micro SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards. These are memory cards that work with most electronic devices including: cell phones, cameras, mp3 players, etc. Make sure that your electronic device is compatible with Micro SDHC cards. A lot of older devices will only accept Micro SD cards which only have a capacity range up to 4 GB. Anything that ranges from 4GB to 32GB capacity are Micro SDHC cards.

1. Amazon

This is one of the cheapest 8GB Micro SDHC cards found from the following websites. It is also from a pretty dependable brand SanDisk. However, the only downside I see to this card is the Class 2 Speed Rating. Class 2 is 2 MB/s or 13x minimum write speed. But if your not really worried about the speed it transfers, then this is a great buy. 2 MB/s is not that slow either. The price for this card is $10.99. The shipping & handling is $4.99. So the total is $15.98 (w/o tax). So if you are looking for more memory for your electronic device this is a steal of deal.

2. Newegg.com

Here is another deal from Newegg.com. Again this looks like a great buy as well. Now I personally have not bought anything from A-Data, but according to all the consumer reviews on Newegg.com that it works great and is very affordable. This Micro SDHC card is a Class 4 Speed Rating. Class 4 is 4 MB/s or 26x minimum write speed. Basically this card has twice the writing speed as the SanDisk. It is a little more expensive, but if you need the higher write speeds, then I would suggest purchasing this one instead. It costs $15.99 and the shipping & handling is $2.99. The total would be $18.98 (w/o tax).

You can’t go wrong with either deals. Both are great memory cards at very cheap prices.

The links are all posted on my blog. So check out my blog for more information.

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