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Following mountain-climbing and bungee jumping, Zorb ball (also called space ball) is becoming a popular & new extreme campaign nowadays. It originated from New Zealand, and rapidly become popular among European and American area.

Basically there are two types of Zorb ball. One is use to play on water, and the other is on the earth. Zorb ball can be played in the glass, snowfield, sand, even the hillside. It is widely used in the tourist spots, aquatic parks, skiing parks and children’s amusing parks.

The security of Zorb ball is very high. It doesn’t like bungee, rock climbing and other extreme sports bring too much load to the heart. So there are not so much physical restrictions to the participants. In addition to pregnant women, the heart disease, the high blood pressure among the elderly is not suitable for the campaign, basically everyone can experience the stimulation under the guidance of the staff. In other countries, many children like the ball in space, parents are willing to allow them to participate in exercise and sports. According to experts, space ball do good to people’s heart and lung function. Rotating sphere, people need to continue to overcome the force of gravity, causing the body is of weightlessness at any time. This short period when people resist the force of gravity on health can benefit a lot to the heart and respiratory systems.

Zorb ball is made of TPU, PVC and mixture TPU. It a diameter of 3 meters, 1.8 meters diameter transparent sphere, elastic and can also play for 2 people. hands and feet were tied into the seat belt in the sphere, with the slope of the site disordered turn 360 degrees, like aerospace Members of weightlessness in space and rotating it really exciting. Space balls by a plastic balloon full of air (usually about 3 meters in diameter), with the balloon interior is also equipped with a 2 m diameter plastic ball. From a well-shaped hole drilled into the balloon, inside the hole to provide for adequate air, the body shown in the ball (the ball in space 012) is securely fixed. If people go into the balloon from the hills, rolling down the river, the centrifugal force will make the ball close to the wall, so people will not be in the ball Luangun. Balloon 50 cm thick wall of air, the balloon collision objects and places in the rugged rolling, it will have a dampening effect, in which people are safe and will not hurt. When people feel the rolling rapid heart beat, very exciting. Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan starring in the movie “Eagle of Asia” have been used in the ball, very impressive.

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