Benefits of Handheld Metal Detectors

Handheld metal detectors were originally created to be a more cost effective, convenient, and less intrusive method of checking individuals at airports, schools, sporting events, clubs, bars, courtrooms, and other facilities. Considering that the majority of places are security-sensitive, it is imperative that an ample amount of precautionary measures are taken on a daily basis. Handheld metal detectors are not only used for security purposes but they can also be used in construction so that the workers are able to find harmful metal debris that could rip up a saw blade. There are many other benefits associated with handheld metal detectors.

The largest benefit of handheld metal detection is that the necessary tools are simple to use. Much like the Garrett Scanner, when the handheld scanner is turned on, there is a particular pattern that is transmitted from the wand to the ground or the object that is to be inspected. If this signal is interrupted by a metal, the detector then receives an alert so that the security professional will know where the metal object is hidden.

The metal object could be a nail in a timber or a razor blade, knife or gun in the pocket of a suspect or detainee.

Throughout the medicinal industry, more doctors are beginning to take advantage of metal detection as it can prove to be far more beneficial than a generic x-ray. As per a variety of scientific studies, it has shown that metal detectors are just as accurate as a traditional x-ray machine in finding objects that children may have swallowed. Considering that metal detection is radiation-free and the detectors themselves are portable, lightweight, and simple to use, they have proven to be more beneficial, quicker and economical.

Throughout the metal detection industry there are inevitably brands that have proven to be consistent and reliable to a large degree over the competition. The Garrett Scanner and the Garrett Super Wand are two products created by Garrett that have been known to be the handheld metal detectors of choice for Homeland security and law enforcement in the USA and abroad. With the implementation of these unique tools, individuals are able to search the bodies of suspects or visitors in order to determine whether they are carrying any type of metallic weapons or not. These scanners are also known for their immense amount of accuracy considering that they are able to detect even the smallest metal object on a human’s person.

With the ample amount of different metal detection products such as handheld metal detectors, finding the appropriate model for your job is fairly simple. Whether you are looking for the perfect tool to inspect individuals entering a nightclub or a school, the options available will allow you to choose for portability or accuracy or long life.

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