Best iPad 2 Stylus Pen Review

Never let dirty hands or nonconducting gloves stop you from touching that precious gadget of yours ever again. We don’t know why Apple doesn’t include the stylus as one of their standard accessories, but one thing’s for sure. The iPad stylus is a must-have tool for all iPad users. If you’ve tried already, you’ll know that normal styluses for non-apple products won’t work because of the capacitative screen which requires a small amount of current to detect touch. So you may want to consider some of the options below.

Boxwave iPad Stylus

Widely accepted by iPad users as the best stylus pen on the market, it’s responsive without needing to exert too much pressure while comfortable to hold for long periods of time. This one’s number one on the list!

Boxwave Mini Capacitive Stylus

This one’s great for the traveller and on-the-go note taking. No more rummaging in the backpack for the stylus as there is a plug that you can put into the phone jack to keep them connected. This one’s not really for prolonged use though.

Hard Candy iPad Stylus And Ballpoint Pen Combo

This amazingly sleek pen allows you to swap between pan and stylus, paper and iPad in a meeting or while doing your work. Functionality is not the least bit compromised by it’s stylish looks. Rather costly for a stylus though.

For the Artists, designers and people who draw

The idea of having an endless sketchbook with plenty of tools and colors at my fingertips seemed too good to be true. What better way to sketch out concepts

The Pogo Sketch Stylus From Ten One Design

The Pogo Sketch Stylus from Ten One Design is a popular choice among digital artists. The videos to the left show paintings created on iPad using the Pogo Sketch.


The Mi-Stylus by Milano seemed to be exactly what I was looking for because it seemed to have a tapered edge which could be good for drawing. However, it was very hard to draw with, having to press very hard to get a line, and the iPad didn’t respond to the thin tapered edge.

Capacitive Styra by BoxWave.

It may seem expensive at first, but when you start using it, you’ll understand what you’re paying for. The tip is very soft, so you don’t worry about damage to my screen. It’s extremely accurate and responsive despite of the slightly flatter head. It’s because of the responsiveness that makes drawing details easy.

In my opinion,if you’re looking for a stylus for drawing on your iPad, purchase the Capacitive Styra by BoxWave. For everything else, the Boxwave iPad stylus will do the job.

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