Bucket List Ideas For New Year Adventures

We all have bucket list ideas of our own and each is as unique as the next. People also write down and think of bucket list items, especially around the New Year for wide and varied categories.

For those of you who are adventure, outdoors enthusiasts like myself then you probably have bucket list items for adventure and again completely unique. Maybe you want to learn to surf, try out skydiving or bungee jump for the first time.

There are literally thousands of ideas you might have in the adventure/outdoors category alone. Here are 4 ideas that I have planned for my New Year adventure.

1. 4×4 Monster Truck

I recently saw some videos on extreme monster truck 4 wheel driving and I’ve never seen something that looked like so much fun. This type of tour is something I hadn’t really heard too much about but now that I know it is definitely finding a place on my bucket list.

These monsters bounce over all sorts of obstacles including drop-offs, ledges and over rock formations to the point where they are virtually tipped over on their sides or something vertically.

2. Abseiling

I have been abseiling before in Vanuatu, down the 50 metre Cascade Waterfalls which was such an awesome experience that I have decided to put this back on my bucket list for a new destination or even to take up as a regular hobby.

My experience abseiling the Cascade Waterfalls was great although I had some fear and anxious feelings on my way down. So I want to try this again so that I build up my courage and work on my skills for abseiling like a pro.

3. Wreck Diving

I personally love scuba diving and have my open water dive license. I have been out on numerous dives in Australia, Hawaii and Vanuatu and have had the experience of swimming around and getting close to a fishing charter ship wreck in Vanuatu’s Hideaway Island.

Now I want to go one step further and actually get inside some underwater vessels. In particular wreck diving the SS President Coolidge in Santos Espiritu, Vanuatu as well as the HMAS Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

4. White Water Rafting

This has been on my adventure bucket list for some time now, so I’ve decided this is the year that I am definitely going to give this a try.

In Sydney, where I live we do have a man-made rapid which might be a good starting point for someone who has never tried this type of adventure before however I would really love to head to Australia’s Tropical North and go rafting down the famous Tully River.

These 4 bucket list ideas for adventure are just my top goals for this year but there are so many more that I want to try out and I bet you do too…

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