Christmas Fever – Materialism

People running around aimlessly, full of panic and trying to get things done. A hand that stretches across the counter to pay for the latest computer game and the energy of a young child that wants myriad of gifts. Your family and loved ones trying to find out what you want and not wishing to upset you by getting you something useless. Look around you, this is the time of year when materialism is at its worst. Can you feel the heavily burdened energy surrounding you and eating you up – pressuring you into further debt and despair by not being able to achieve what you want or what others want. In your haste, you rush past the needy and the suffering, your alms are not available this year, the credit crunch has settled in and you must get the latest perfume or must have gadget. Ask yourself; have we lost direction and the true meaning of Christmas.

It should be the one time of year when we witness the indigence of poverty and illness, when we should try to bring a smile and a possible change to someone's life. What about the individuals who are suffering from the loss of a loved one and who can not face another year alone without the one they loved and then lost. Perhaps it is time that we should try and remember who we are and what Christmas means. It is the time when we should celebrate love, forgiveness and the re-birth of a new understanding. A time when we realize who we are and what service we can be to humanity. We have almost forgotten that Christmas is the time when we were delivered from the bondage of darkness by the gift of a divine soul. Through time, slowly and surely the real meaning of Christmas has faded into the background and only surfaces through our own guilt and greed. Ask yourself what really matters to you in your life, is it the desire for material wealth or to be of service to others. A thought, a prayer or the gift of life and aid could have been the greatest service you could give. Sitting at the dinner table and feeding yourself into a frenzy, not only feeds your own ill health but does little for your soul, sometimes witness for the first time, the beauty in the world rather than the poverty or go out of your way to bringing a little joy to others. Try to see beyond your own material perception and look beyond the dimensions of your physical reality, instead look with your heart and be of service rather than being served.

I am not advocating that you should deny yourself or your loved ones, gifts or fine wine and the enjoyment that you get from this time of year. What I am suggesting is that you feel rather than see and experience what it means to be of service in a way that makes life a little easier for others. Even a smile can change someone's day and make them feel a kind of warmth inside. Offer a prayer of gratitude to the universe or God – no matter your belief – ask for the needy to be helped or for the hungry to be fed and for the ill in health to be healed. Give of your time to service humanity and change a life for the greater good. Help an alcoholic to see beyond the pain and the drug user to open his or her eyes to the truth that they can loose themselves from the internal hell they are in. Bring someone closer to God and you will witness at first hand the miracle of Christmas.

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