Garmin Edge 800 Review – Main Advantages and Disadvantages

This article aims to help cyclists who are considering Garmin Edge 800 from Garmin Ltd. as a special Global Positioning System (GPS) gadget for their bicycles. Garmin 800 is equipped with many advanced features can really enhance the performance of athletes during their respective tours.

The Main Advantages of the Garmin Edge 800

  • Its 2.6-inch interface is touch screen. It comprises of three buttons including the start-up button, lap-reset button, and power button. Navigating all maps, menus, and other controls is easy because the touchscreen is very responsive and accurate. Navigation in Garmin Edge 800 is easily used by simply entering the postcode, place’s name, and Point of Interest (POI), wherein it tells the exact time of reaching certain destination in seconds.
  • Cyclists can be guided through the routes recorded on the Garmin Edge 800 by other bikers. Any uploaded activity is saved as a course which can be followed through navigation prompts. Other applications or the BaseCamp software offered for free can be used to make a route and view changes on elevation. Cyclists can also load City Navigator mapping and TOPO U.S. 24K.
  • The design of the Edge 800 display is sturdy, but is sufficiently sensitive in responding even to the gloved hand’s tap. A tap can zoom and pan the map or change training pages. The bright color display can be viewed under the sunlight or different lighting conditions. It meets the IPX7 waterproofing standards, as well as withstands scrapes and hard knocks during mountain climbing. The aerodynamic Garmin Edge 800 appears like a carbon fiber with either white or blue accents. It is attached to the bike’s handlebar or stem under low-profile mounting. The unit is securely held due to its quarter-turn mounting design, while the cyclist can swap it easily between bikes through reusable, removable bands.
  • Garmin Edge 800 is suitable for commuting, mountain biking, touring, and competitive cycling. It tracks the cyclist’s’ location, speed, distance, as well as his ascent and descent moves. It can be used with the wireless technologies including compatible power meter, speed/cadence sensor, or ANT+ heart rate monitor to finely tune the analysis of the cyclist’s ride. Various alerts including power, calories, heat rate, distance, and time can be customized easily.
  • Garmin Edge 800 GPS receiver is highly sensitive that remains locked on. A HotFix satellite calculation is included for faster calculation of the cyclist’s position, as well as a time zone that can be automatically adjusted. Getting the GPS signal is very prompt. It takes approximately 15 seconds. It is also supporting a Micro Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card.
  • Garmin Edge 800 workouts feature allows the cyclists to pre-program the duration of their interval. They can modify this function easily. Take for instance, they can program their workout based on several metric measurements besides heart rate.
  • It has a longer battery lifespan that can lasts for approximately 15 hours.

The drawbacks are its expensive price and tricky installation of the rubber covering SD ports and Universal Serial Bus (USB). Above all, the high customization level of the Garmin Edge 800 makes this device highly recommended for cyclists and a truly brilliant virtual partner.

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