Green Living – Using Solar Energy Even in Small Ways

 Looking back, the discovery of batteries then was something modern technology was so proud of, in very much the same way as we are now about solar energy. Using batteries gave us the power to utilize and operate our gadgets away from the electric sockets of our home. Little did we know that all through the years of using those powerful packs of batteries, we were accumulating hazardous wastes that now pose one of the most detrimental ecological threats to our environment. We only knew how to use those batteries, but we were not aware of the consequences when we carelessly threw them just anywhere.

Now most of our land and water resources are contaminated with the chemical wastes of modern technology, batteries included. It’s about time, we stopped using those chemically packed batteries and lessen the toxic debris we have accumulated so far. Take stock of your gadgets then and invest on good solar powered recharger and rechargeable batteries that can meet the needs of your gadgets. Make sure you have enough rechargeable batteries by keeping at least two sets for each gadget.

This way, while one set is being recharged, you can still continue using your gadget with the other set of rechargeable cells. This may cost you a little at first, but having a complete solar powered recharging station right in your home is going to cost you less in the long run. There are solar powered rechargers that cost less than a hundred dollars or more, depending on the type of gadget you need to charge. Make sure it comes in a model that can recharge different types of battery cells. Solar powered rechargeable batteries can cost as low as one dollar each, depending on the size and type of the battery that you need. If by chance you find them on sale, stock up on them so you can minimize your costs in case it’s time to replace them.

Who knows, with the way solar power is being developed as an alternative source of energy, those batteries used by solar powered homes in storing up solar energy reserve may become available and affordable to us. Probably if we all become one in using solar power, manufacturers will come up with other solar powered gadgets and equipment to meet our demands.  

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