Lock & Lock Storage Containers – Weevils Hate These

Disposable storage containers, while quite budget-friendly, are pure junk as far as actually being useful food storage devices.

Not to say they don’t store things adequately. They hold ’em just fine.

However. They totally fall down on the job when it comes to the freezing and thawing process. And they are very neglectful at being airtight.

So, say, for example, you brought home a small weevil colony from the grocery store. Theoretically. You could NOT count on the disposable containers to keep any hypothetical weevils from reproducing in your pantry. Or any actual weevils. Really. We threw away an entire pantry full of food. So disgusting. They particularly loved the Veggie Burger Mix. Eww.

When it’s cold, we make a lot of soup in this here house, freeze the leftovers and nuke ’em for lunch. Saves money and saves the husband from eating Lean Cuisines or weevil-infested veggie burgers. Nasty.

Have you ever dropped one of those disposable storage containers on the floor after it’s been in the freezer? They shatter into dangerously sharp pieces- after the top flies off, of course – seemingly with a single purpose: stab the finger. It’s like a bloodletting. Which is fine, I guess, since the containers were already permanently stained… red … from any tomato-based product that ever came near it.

Lock and Lock has created these high grade durable plastic, stackable, multi-use containers that are ergonomically designed with a special silicone sealing ring that works to keep your items fresh and secure. That’s right. Your lettuce will actually stay crisp. Your cereal will be crunchy. Airtight, water-tight and stain-resistant. Safe for microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Lifetime Warranty. Life. Time. Weevil-proof.

Set includes: One of each container with Lid: 16.3 Cup, 11 Cup, 6.75 Cup, 5.5 Cup, 3.7 Cup, 2.87 Cup, 2 Cup & 1.75 Cup, along with Two 3.4 Cup containers with lids. Great starter set.

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