Mobile Devices: 8 Hazards Resulting From Excessive Use

Have you noticed that no matter where you go nowadays mobile devices are clearly visible in literally everyone’s hands? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone only to find their body language reflects their desire to engage more with their Smartphone or computer notepad than with you? How long do you usually go without checking your messages, texting, posting updates on your social media sites or doing some task on your mobile devices? When you think about these questions, the answers can be rather unnerving.

Aside from reported cases where mobile phones have overheated and exploded, or the theory that low-frequency radiation exposure is believed to result in acoustic neuroma, much attention and concern is focused on our behavioral pattern of disconnectedness, influenced by excessive mobile device usage. While digital gadgets make accessing information, getting directions, working as a stimulant to cure boredom or kill time, or making online purchases while on-the-go a convenience, the controversial question is whether these gadgets are promoting complacency and leaving us vulnerable in certain areas of our lives.

Because of such concerns, here are eight hazards that can result from excessive mobile device usage:

1. Users become distracted and sometimes put others (like children) or themselves at risk of danger, injury or possible fatality.

2. Nonstop usage and staring at the screen, without a reasonable break or proper lubrication of the eyes could result in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This is a condition that occurs when the eyes become irritated, dry and where vision is possibly affected adversely.

3. Communication skills and engagement through meaningful, verbal conversations declines.

4. Slouching over or assuming a lengthy, fixated body position can trigger poor posture, resulting in headaches and neck pain linked to “text neck.”

5. Discord or termination of intimate relationships can occur, due to neglect or devoting more time to fidgeting with digital devices, versus time spent maintaining or building the relationship.

6. Over-usage creates a deficiency in the appreciation of the beauty of creation and your environment. Simple wonders go unnoticed.

7. Some health officials noted that heavy mobile device usage could impact our health by creating mindless eating, resulting in weight gain.

8. Reduces quality time for uninterrupted personal reflection and meditation.

The capabilities we witness in digital technology are awe-inspiring and have made major technological strides in the past two decades. Although mobile devices allow research to be done faster, connect to others easier, are critical in emergency situations or offer convenient shopping alternatives, digital addiction could have an unfavorable effect on our health, manual skill sets and memory retention. As with anything that could pose a threat to your health and wellbeing, it is important to periodically take a technology fast from these high-tech devices.

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