No Need to Toe the Line

You love driving. And you especially love driving at night. You love the lights. You love the cool night breeze rushing through as you drive through the miles. And you love the fact that it is not really that stressful compared to driving in the morning. Wait. Are those police lights flashing behind you? Oops. You just may have to pull over. Or else that would mean even graver things for you than just pulling over and let the police officer do his job.

Oh. You forgot. You are drunk right now. Oops. Now you know that you have to toe the line and that if you do start swaying, you just may have to end up the night in jail. Or until someone bails you out. Or you can also get a ticket and that means having to pay that or else. Wow. If only you had an alcohol test with you so you would know if you were still okay legally to drive.

For those who love a good time and good time meaning anything that includes drinking alcohol, then you should have a special someone who would always be there to guide you. This special someone is just small enough to fit into your pocket and it will be the one to tell you if you got too much alcohol on your breath already that it is time to take a taxi home.

Getting an offense for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is going to cost you that much. Compared to just getting this gadget, you get to save yourself that money that you deserve. Plus, you would also be helping save not only your life but also the life of others in case you do get into an accident because you were that drunk and nobody was there to tell you to just take a cab.

The gadget is known as the Breathcheck personal alcohol test and it works just like the breathalyzers that enforcers use. It is digital so the results are in in just a few seconds. The reading is accurate and that means if it hits the mark, then start hailing yourself a cab and just get your car in the morning. Electronics like this really are amazing. It simply is difficult to imagine that tests like this can be owned by simple people like me and you. Now that is technology.

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