Part Two: The Art of Transitional Thought

2012 is a year of focusing on possibilities everywhere and in any situation you’re faced with. You focus on what’s right, bright, and beautiful in every person you meet. Never stop believing that you’re doing something right even when others are ignoring you, laughing at you, even fighting you. When they fight you, you win because you never stop fighting. You fight until they’re tired of fighting and when you’re tired you keep fighting. That’s why you win. Watch them quit long before you do. Because of your efforts, you may become the Founder of a Movement despite the fact that belief systems and old paradigms prevented this Movement to ever get underway. And yet, your Movement provides that long, endless weekend you’ve always dreamed about. You’re living on giving before ever getting now. You’re seeking the community–while, all the time–you’re right in the middle of the community.

To put another way, why look for Fool’s Gold when you’re standing in the middle of the Gold Mine? When you have the tools to prospect for gold, why not use those tools wisely? This young generation is so fixated on gadgets, such as iPods, iPads, text messengers, cell phones, and even the Internet, to name just a few. Let’s call this generation Generation G; (G stands for gadgets and gizmos). On these gadgets and gizmos on which this Generation G is focused, can you see works of art? Can you use your thumbs to scroll through the archives of a worthwhile blog, or through the contents of a valuable eBook, or are you just playing games and switching ringtones and adding Apps every week? Are you using webcams and digital cameras to stir up creative energy, or are you just stirring up trouble?

Are you using community websites as an outlet to exhibit your creativity, or are you using Twitter and Facebook as outlets to play games? On YouTube, are you exhibiting your creative spirit, or are you uploading images of mindless sensationalism? Are you stirring up creative energy on MySpace, or are you stirring up trouble?

Generation G, you have the Creative Source’s greatest creation: the mind–a mind that can create your own careers. You don’t have to use gadgets and gizmos until you use that marvelous mind of yours. In that mind, you have the capacity to visualize, affirm, and manifest your dreams. And then, after that, you can paint your dreams using those marvelous gizmos and gadgets wisely.

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