Samsung Galaxy Tablet Is The Portable iPad

The craze of having an over sized iPad tablet isn't needed, especially with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab from Android. This tablet allows for any function you might possible need been a laptop as well as phone. The best part, the 7-inch touchscreen allows a large enough view for anything that you might need to do, without carrying something too with you especially when traveling.

The wireless features on the Samsung Galaxy Tab are amazing and the best part is it isn't solely through one provider. Whether you have Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, you can still use the SGT. Of course, different providers will affect the quality of phone service, but this tablet is built for even the best service provider.

Besides just picture and text messaging, the Galaxy Tab has 2 built-in cameras. There is a larger camera on the back, which is better for pictures, but a smaller camera is built in the front, therefore video chatting can be enabled. Skype is a new craze, and the tablet has an application, which allows you to run Skype, therefore, you never have to be away from family, friends, or an office conference call.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is through Android, Google applications are provided. You'll never have to go without Google search, maps, or YouTube. Also, a variety of applications are available on the Android applications marketplace. An application available includes the much-needed GPS service, which allows you to cancel out one more needed device to carry around. The application is a service, which you pay monthly for, but it is always with you. This way, with the Samsung Galaxy tablet, all you need is one device – it's a hybrid between a laptop, phone, GPS, and MP3 player all in one.

For music and video lovers, the tablet also includes a digital media player. There is a 2GB internal memory on the phone, but a microSD card slot is also available, and the SGT comes with a 16GB microSD card already.

Battery life on this Android tablet is amazing. With normal use, battery life is 13 hours that is sufficient for any day, and charging docks are available for purchase.

For individuals who are constantly connected with electronics, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best device available. With all the features you would need from any device, all in all, this gadget is cost-efficient.

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