Seidio Crystal iPhone 4 Screen Protector

Seidio not only conquered the case business for most prized gadget today but also diversified their focus in making quality iPhone 4 Screen Protector to prove that supremacy means you also know how to bend to every customers need.

This screen guard lives up to the name of Seidio because of its quality and top of the line features. It is made from high grade Japanese film which makes it very durable and is ranked 3H for its hardness. Aside from that, the cutouts of lines and curves are precise and accurate to provide easy installation to your Apple phone. After installation bubbles and the orange peel effect are nowhere to be found because of the exquisite materials used to create this display guard.

We personally love that it completely preserves the optical clearness of the display and also the touch sensitivity (film thickness 0.01mm which is the reason like is almost invisible when attached to the device) is not affected at all. This thing also slows down the wear and tear process and lengthens the life of your device. The most significant thing that it can do to your gadget is the longtime protection it gives against scratches, taints, and even dents.

They have two packages available for your gadget. First one is the front cover pack which envelops the face of the device including the screen, sensor, with detailed cutouts for the home button, camera, and speaker. Next is the front and back coating pack which almost wraps the Apple phone leaving only the side of it uncover.

Both are available online.

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