Stove Guard Automatic Shut Off Introduction

Stove Guard is a new product designed to monitor motion in the kitchen and automatically turn off the stove and range after a set amount of time if no movement is detected. This product was developed by Stove Guard International Ltd. With the main office based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, this product is 100% Canadian in origin, although it is now sold worldwide.

Originally developed to assist those with early stage Alzheimer's or those aging at home to enjoy independent living longer, the Stove Guard Automatic Shut Off has been recommended by Occupational Therapists and home care workers across North America.

This innovative new product allows those we care for who may otherwise be institutionalized to remain in their homes, while including kitchen fire prevention. Stove Guard Automatic Shut Off has become so popular since its creation, that you can find them commonly installed in homes across North America and worldwide to ensure the safety of families everywhere.

Kitchen accidents are the number one cause of household fires in North America. Having this kitchen safety product installed no matter the type of household is a potentially lifesaving situation. With the delay time on the device being completely customizable, the Stove Guard can be used is any kitchen situation.

While developed with the aging in mind, Stove Guard is now commonly used by a variety of persons including; those with home offices who may be called away from cooking suddenly, parents with small children, families that have teenagers that may occasionally be unsupervised while cooking, commuters who are sometimes rashed while going to work and any individual that sometimes has a hectic schedule.

This safety product is extremely simple to use, requiring no user input away from the initial programming of the time delay from the last motion sensed to the shut off of the stove. The Stove Guard Automatic Shut Off is also very easy to install. If installing this product on an electric range, simply turn off the power and move the stove so that the outlet is exposed. Plug the power control box between the existing wall outlet and the stove plug. Then simply mount the sensor / control unit to a wall or upper cabinet nearby and connect the control cord. If wanting to install on a gas range, contact a professional.

Stove Guard has been acclaimed by industry experts such as PEI's fire marshal Dave Blacquiere. Blacquiere says that he has tried the device and was impressed. "We've preached the message that smoke detectors save lives and they do." said Blacquiere. "But these devices stop the problem before it starts."

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