Useful Tips for Successful Card Printer Shopping

If you have ever tried going to the computer store and said that you wanted to buy a card printer for your company, odds are that the guy at the store asked you which model or type you wanted and you did not know what to reply. Odds are as well that you said to yourself: “Model? If it is just a card printer!” and came back to your office with empty hands.

All card printers have in common that they are popular office gadgets used to produce employee ID badges or gift cards, discount cards and loyalty cards for clients and customers. But there are so many different models available that it can be quite challenging to find the correct one for your organization without a savvy shopping guide.

Card printers can now be found on desktops and counters of large international corporations, small business organizations, and middle sized companies. They are really practical devices that enable business owners and managers to provide their employees with identification badges and thus distinguish them from visitors, guests and strangers and control which staff members have access to certain restricted areas. Other companies use ID cards to monitor the attendance and punctuality of their personnel.

In order to find the card printing device that is more suited to satisfy your printing needs start by considering which aesthetic characteristic you expect of your badges. Almost all card printers accept plastic or PVC blank cards and others can only take quality paper that is then laminated to make it more resistant to the daily tear and wear. Some of these office gadgets can produce high quality full color ID badges, which are ideal if you want to have your employees’ picture included in the card together with your logo or corporate colors, while others also create black and white badges. The amount of information you need to have included in the cards is also a factor that you should consider. There are single sided and dual sided card printers available in the market. The latter are extremely useful if your cards need to have different information printed on both sides as this can be done tidily and efficiently.

The second tip is that you should evaluate which security features you want to add to your cards. Most card printer models come with attractive and effective in built security features or with security modules that can be easily attached to the device. From magnetic strips and bars to embedded chips, there is a wide variety of security options available and the feature you choose or combination of them you choose will depend directly on how strict is your security policy.

A third tip is that you should reflect upon what are your expectations on your company’s growth for the next five to seven years. Card printing instruments are an important investment but they can last a lot of time if treated correctly. If you expect your organization to experience a significant growth you should better buy a card printer now that can keep up with the changing needs of your business.

Have a good shopping day!

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