Ways For Kids to Make Money

It seems that around the time a kid turns 9 or 10 years old they are always looking for ways to earn a little cash. There are the typical ways of course that everyone has already heard about. These include lemonade stands, mowing lawns, and delivering newspapers. There are other ways for kids to make money, that are not so ordinary. This article contains a few of them.

1. Selling Baked Goods – Many kids love to cook. You can have fun and help by giving ways for kids to make money that you can help them with. You can help your child bake cookies, cakes, or brownies. You can then sell these treats by visiting parks or sporting events. You can even ask your local market to set up a small table outside the doors.

2. Car Washing – Washing cars can be fun for kids. This is one of the best ways for kids to earn that much desired cash flow. Your kids and a few friends can run a car wash each week at a certain location. Many people prefer to support children or local causes instead of using the expensive car wash.

3. Mowing Lawns – Mowing lawns is a great way for kids to make money. It is much cheaper to hire a kid to mow a lawn than to use one of the expensive yard cutting services. Many people will prefer to pay your kids a smaller amount for the job. Kids can ask their neighbors or family members about this.

This article was meant to list a few ways for kids to make money. Hopefully this has given you some ideas that you can share with your children to get them started.

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