Why Own An E Book Reader?

Technology comes and goes like the wind. One electronic fad blows in and just as quickly blows out. In a matter of months that cool gadget is traded in for some other new fad. This is not the case for e Book Reader technology. There are revolutionary elements to these devices that are sure to rattle the publishing empires of the world.

High demand for E Book Readers are driving companies to improve and advance these devices. There is a temptation to upgrade your last one or regret buying one at all. It is just better to choose wisely the first time and stick with it for at least a year. Do your homework prior to purchase. Decide what features are most important to you, not necessarily which Reader is most popular.

Invest some time and energy to study these devices to know what they are capable of doing. Narrow down your search by reading the reviews and customer comments. That way you can be confident about your decision and enjoy tons of great reading. Here is a list of reasons why a person may want to purchase an e Book Reader:

Capable of holding thousands of books on one device

One minute downloads on almost anything in print

Instant downloads into your personal e reader in about a minute

Most models do not require a computer to download books

Wi fi connection almost anywhere

Inexpensive downloads of books, magazine and newspaper subscriptions

Saves time and expense going to the local book store.

Read your favorite blogs

Less trees chopped down

Personal and private reading

A pleasure to read and easy on the eyes

Great conversation starter by people who say, “Wow! That’s cool. What is it?

Can slip thousands of books in your purse or a folder

Lightweight. Lugging 35 pounds of books in your backpack may be a thing of the past.

Some models have access to internet

Many models can use MP3 audio features

Translate written text into an audible voice using “Read to Me” features

Most readers can change the font size, highlight words, underline, make notes, and place book marks

Access dictionary instantly

Some models can display a full color digital slide show

Many models have an auto orientation feature from portrait to landscape.

Amazing battery life. Many models do not have to be recharged for a week. Some can go as long as a month.

Other fun features include:


Virtual Keyboard


Sketching Notes

Touch Screen

Photo Gallery

Loan Books

Screen Saver

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