The best Philips button phones

The best Philips button phones

Philips is a well-known brand in the Netherlands. The company operates in three areas – healthcare, lighting and consumer electronics. In Russia, small appliances for the kitchen and home, as well as mobile phones are widespread. Unlike smartphones, Philips push-button devices are popular and popular with users.

Philips is far from the only company that cannot hold the leading position in all areas simultaneously. While shavers, irons, epilators have virtually no competitors on the market, then most smartphones are far from the most interesting. The reverse situation is observed with conventional button devices.

Their main characteristic is the high quality batteries. As market analysis shows, many users prefer to pay in excess for a Philips phone, rather than buying the cheapest and easiest option from a known name. The best devices are presented in our rating.

The cheapest Philips E106

Price – from 950 rubles.

For the most part, Philips button phones are more expensive than Chinese competitors. This is due to the high quality and long life. The E106 is expensive, because its price is about one thousand rubles. The device is the simplest caller with support for two SIM cards. Suitable for the elderly or as a backup option for work, where there is the danger of the breakdown of an expensive smartphone. The device has a built-in player and supports a memory card up to 16 GB, this is enough to download a lot of music to the device and listen to it all day long and even more.

The device has a plastic housing, a back cover with a perforated surface to improve ergonomics. The screen is small – 1.77 inches, made by TN technology, but has excellent readability and brightness. The device is small and lightweight, the battery is 1050 mAh. This is a good value for a model designed for making calls. As the practice shows, the E106 is able to stand without being connected to charging for at least a week. Sold in black and red.

Autonomy for little money Philips Xenium E168

Price – from 1600 rubles.

The next model, which received the prefix Xenium in the name, approached the price. This suggests improved autonomy. The phone has a screen larger than 2.4 inches with a low resolution of 320 * 240 pixels. The device accepts two SIM cards, has good sound quality, and the battery received a capacity of 1600 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this Philips standby button will last at least a month. Such a high performance is impressive.

Own memory is a minimum of 32 MB, but can be expanded up to 16 GB. The unit is useful for music, as the device is convenient to use as a player. Useful features include a radio and a flashlight. Another feature is the integrated 0.3 MP camera. It removes very mediocre, but for such a device, in principle, no need. Available in black and red.

The best combination of price and parameters Philips Xenium E181

Price – from 2800 rubles.

Philips Xenium E181 is similar in parameters to the previous phone. The model has exactly the same 2.4-inch screen and a similar resolution. There is an FM radio, support for memory cards up to 32 GB, the possibility to install two SIM cards. The phone book is designed to store 1000 numbers. The model also received a single camera – 0.3 megapixels.

The main difference between the devices is the presence of Bluetooth, meaning you can connect wireless headphones, but the most important advantage is the battery. The device was equipped with a powerful 3100 mAh battery, which not only will provide excellent autonomy while waiting for 50 hours of talk time, but will also charge another gadget.

The longest running time of the Philips Xenium E570

Price – from 4200 rubles.

The model with the strongest battery actually repeats the capacity of the previous device – 3160 mAh. At the same time, it got a slightly larger screen – 2.8 inches with a similar resolution of 240 * 320 pixels and a better 2 MP camera, which does not significantly improve the quality of the photos.

Like the previous device, the device has Bluetooth support, can work with two SIM cards and has a memory expansion slot. An important advantage is the ability to use a Philips mobile phone as a power source for another device.

Philips Xenium E580 classic re-release

Price – from 4490 rubles.

The new Philips is actually a relaunch of the E570. It is impossible to find differences in features, the phone received exactly the same filling, but the design has changed a little. The old model resembled a monolithic and rather thick phone with a rectangular shape. The new device has become thinner and slightly smaller in height. It is easier and it fits even better in the hand. If the older version was usually a "male" gadget, then the novelty will appeal to women because it looks more neat.

Despite the same parameters and the same powerful battery, the model's autonomy is slightly lower, which does not make it worse. The device can also act as a charger for another smartphone, lets you listen to music or talk through a Bluetooth headset while keeping your hands free. There is support for FM radio, while the sound can be transmitted through the main speaker or using headphones for this purpose.


There is no particular meaning in updating the line of button phones per year. This technique is designed for long-term work and these requirements do not change from year to year. Philips understands this, so the most popular E570 is on sale for a long time and will not disappear from the shelves. The appearance of the E580 is a step in the direction of changing the look, rather than the functions, and now you can expect new models from Philips in a few years. However, who would ever think of changing the "caller" every year if it works perfectly and this is typical for Philips phones.

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