The best smartphones costing up to 10,000 rubles

The best smartphones costing up to 10,000 rubles

A user who thinks there are no decent gadgets in the budget segment is mistaken. If you have 10 thousand rubles, you can buy a smartphone with a fashionable design without frames and even with very solid functionality.

The number of manufacturers targeting the budget segment and offering to buy a smartphone with solid features up to 10,000 rubles is actually huge. However, most of these producers are little-known Chinese companies whose products are well-founded. Therefore, buyers must ask a difficult question: how to remove a delicious fish from the "sea" of gadgets and not an old shoe?

In this top, we will present the best smartphones of up to 10,000 rubles, issued by both popular companies with a worldwide reputation and by companies that are just starting to "climb Olympus" of the mobile market.

Xiaomi Redmi 6

  • Screen: 5.45 inch diagonal, HD + resolution
  • Processor / Video Processor: Helio P22 with 8 cores / PowerVR GE8320
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 3/4 GB and 32/64 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 12 + 5 megapixels / 5 megapixels
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Price: from 8900 rubles.

Small diagonal smartphones are often not manufactured in recent years. At the same time, there is a demand for them and 5.45 inches for the Redmi 6 is definitely a plus. The company offers users a model that takes into account the trends of the year 2018 – a dual camera and an 18: 9 display. The IPS matrix, HD resolution, for modern realities seems small, but given the screen size, that's enough. The model's case is made of plastic, but it doesn't look cheap. There are several different colors for sale, which is quite relevant, as the phone is for the younger generation of customers.

A fairly fresh MediaTek Helio P22 chipset has been chosen as a chipset, with a maximum clock speed of 2 GHz. This is enough to complete the tasks that the user usually assigns to the device in this price category. There are different memory changes – 3 or 4 GB RAM, 32 or 64 GB constant. A nice fact is a separate memory card slot, as the device supports 2 SIM cards. The cameras were created by Sony; for its price, the device takes off with dignity. A small battery according to Chinese standards provides autonomy for about a day with medium settings, which is facilitated by a power-saving processor and a low display resolution.


  • Great ergonomics.
  • Modern display.
  • Dual camera
  • Ability to choose the amount of memory.
  • Separate slot for memory expansion.


  • No NFC.
  • No quick charge.

ZTE V9 Vita

  • Screen: 5.45 inch diagonal, HD + resolution
  • CPU / GPU: 8-core Snapdragon 435 / Adreno 505
  • Memory (online / embedded): 2/3 GB and 16/32 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 + 2 megapixels / 8 megapixels
  • Battery: 3200 mAh

Price: from 8800 rubles.

Another Chinese representative, similar to the previous version, gathered all the "chips" from 2018. In some ways, the phone is inferior to the previous one, but in some respects it is superior. The smartphone has received IPS display of similar size and resolution, Soft Touch coverage and dual camera. The display is elongated 18: 9, but the cut-off is not provided in this case. There is a finger scanner on the back panel. In addition, face unlocking is planned. The SIM card slot is combined, this is a minus considering the small amount of memory even in the maximum configuration – 32 GB.

In terms of performance, the gadget is not the best – the eight-core chipset has a maximum frequency of 1.4 GHz, and RAM is up to 3 GB. The phone was ranked with the best smartphones up to 10,000 rubles, thanks to a high quality camera – 13 + 2 megapixels. According to reviews, it can be argued with more expensive gadgets. The second major advantage is the NFC. The battery lasts one business day.


  • Small high quality display.
  • Convenient, not slippery and slightly dirty housing.
  • Modern type C connector.
  • NFC support.
  • Excellent room.
  • Unlock the face.


  • No quick charge.
  • Pretty weak chip.
  • Wi-Fi does not support 5 GHz.

Lenovo S5

  • Screen: 5.7-inch diagonal, FHD + resolution
  • CPU / GPU: 8 cores Snapdragon 625 / Adreno 506
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 3/4 GB and 32/64 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 + 13 Mpix / 16 Mpix
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Price: from 9500 rubles.

An inexpensive novelty from Lenovo received a small IPS array with high resolution FHD + sides and no cut-out for the camera. The model is complete in a metal housing, which is extremely important for some users. It's nice with a high quality dual camera and an excellent 16 megapixel selfie array. The memory card slot is combined. The charging connector is type C.

Otherwise, the phone is quite comparable to the competitors listed above – an eight-core chipset with a maximum clock speed of 2 GHz, two memory options – 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB. The battery is small, but its capacity is sufficient for a working day.


  • High resolution display.
  • Metallic case.
  • Modern type C connector.
  • Quality room.


  • No quick charge.
  • No NFC support.

DOOGEE BL5500 Lite

  • Screen: 6.19 inch diagonal, 1500 * 720 resolution
  • Processor / GPU: 4-core MediaTek MT6739 / PowerVR GE8100
  • Memory (operational / embedded): 2 GB and 16 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 + 8 megapixels / 5 megapixels
  • Battery: 5500 mAh

Price: from 7500 rubles.

Unlike previous versions, this gadget does not shine with performance, but has its own beautiful features. First of all, the smartphone stands out with a large diagonal with a bang. The resolution is not the highest, but overall, the image looks comfortable and does not cause irritation. The second plus is a decent Sony camera. The main module is dual, has AI support and a number of automatic settings, as well as the Pro mode. The last point that can affect the decision to buy a device is a battery. The 5500 mAh capacity is sufficient for 24 hours of video and 28 hours of internet work. For those who need a long game phone, the DOOGE BL550 Lite will be the best solution at its price.


  • Tide display.
  • High quality dual camera.
  • Excellent autonomy.
  • There is a fingerprint scanner.


  • Poor chipset.
  • A small amount of memory.

Blackview BV5800

  • Screen: 5.5 inches diagonal, HD + resolution
  • Processor / GPU: 4-core MediaTek MT6739 / PowerVR GE8100
  • Memory (operational / embedded): 2 GB and 16 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 + 13 megapixels / 8 megapixels
  • Battery: 5580 mAh

Price: from 7900 rubles.

Another cheap but interesting device from China. Like the previous model, performance indicators are mediocre here. A quad-core processor and a small amount of memory are designed for the simplest everyday tasks. But the smartphone is interesting.

The gadget received a dual camera – 13 + 13 megapixels, with good photo quality. The battery looks nice – 5580 mAh. There is a protected case, ie the phone is not afraid of bumps and drops, as well as water and dust. It would seem that a fairly standard smartphone, hard to kill, but in addition to the above, the manufacturer will equip its equipment with a fingerprint scanner and NFC. The output is a working device with its own twist. Given the price, it is logical to consider the purchase, provided that moisture protection, fall safety and NFC are important selection criteria.


  • Protection against water, dust, shock.
  • High quality dual camera.
  • Display 18: 9.
  • Excellent autonomy.
  • There is an NFC.


  • Poor performance.
  • Small amount of memory.

Meizu M6s

  • Screen: 5.7 inches diagonal, HD + resolution
  • Processor / Video Processor: Samsung Exynos 7872 / Mali-G71 MP1 with 6 cores
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 3 GB and 32/64 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 16 megapixels / 8 megapixels
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Price: from 8500 rubles.

The Meizu model is made of a metal casing, which is quite typical for the company, but rarely found at other brands in the smart phones in the budget segment. The 5.7-inch IPS screen was able to fit in a small case due to the increased aspect ratio of the screen, while the manufacturer did not borrow the cut from Apple, and for many it would seem a plus. The fingerprint scanner is located on the side panel, the solution is not the most popular, but with its advantages and disadvantages. The traditional mTouch physical button, loved by fans of the company, has become a note, but with the same functionality.

The performance of the smartphone is presented by Samsung's new chipset (launching the device – January 2018). It has six nuclei – two productive, four energy efficient. The processor itself is not bad, but according to the reviews of this particular model, there is an easy escape system when scrolling on desktops due to optimization. There are no disadvantages in applications and games. The memory meets the standards of a budget class. Operational – 3 GB, permanent – 32 GB 64 GB.

I would like to see the 5 GHz NFC and Wi-Fi support in this model, but after saving them, the manufacturer offers customers a fast charge, which will sometimes seem like a more interesting feature, given the built-in battery. The gadget can work on a business day and this is a pretty good indicator. Unlike the competitors, Meizu did not create a dual module and simply provided good arrays for the main and front rooms. Images and videos are cute.


  • Good memory margin.
  • Metallic case.
  • Fast loading.
  • Quality room.


  • No NFC.
  • No Wi-Fi 5 GHz.
Excluded from collection
Xiaomi Redmi 4

  • Screen: 5-inch diagonal, HD resolution
  • CPU / GPU: 8 cores Snapdragon 430 / Adreno 505
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 megapixels / 5 megapixels
  • Battery: 4100 mAh

Price: from 9 100 rub.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 model "wipes its nose" from everyone who thinks it is impossible to buy a decent frame-free device for a modest sum. The gadget can boast not only with the lack of side frames, but also with a very solid construction quality. Chinese caregivers at Xiaomi, when they created Redmi 4, used premium materials – glass and metal, so the smartphone looks much more expensive than it actually costs. The performance of the Xiaomi device is excellent. The 64-bit Snapdragon processor, of course, is not the latest model, but its power is more than enough for any games in the Google Play store. The battery does not disappoint: its 4,100 mAh capacity is enough to give the user 2 days without looking for an outlet. It should be noted that the Xiaomi device is equipped with a variety of different sensors – a fingerprint scanner, light and proximity sensors, an accelerometer and a gyroscope that lets you use your VR entertainment gadget.


  • Attractive frame design.
  • Support for 2 SIM cards.
  • Powerful battery
  • The presence of a fingerprint sensor.
  • A processor whose performance is sufficient to solve most tasks.


  • You cannot put a second SIM and a flash drive at the same time.
  • Possible minor bugs OS MIUI

Huawei Honor 5A

  • Screen: 5-inch diagonal, HD resolution
  • Processor / Video Processor: MediaTek MT6735P / Mali-T720 with 4 cores
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 megapixels / 5 megapixels
  • Battery: 2200 mAh

Price: from 7 490 rub.

Huawei Honor 5A – an option for those for whom Redmi 4 seems expensive. The smartphone does not look as attractive as the Xiaomi device – it has frames, and in its case there is at least metal. However, Huawei has never relied on the original design of its devices. The unique feature of the Huawei and Honor gadgets is an interesting ratio of price and functionality.

The smartphone is equipped with a 64-bit MTK processor, which was originally intended for mid-range smartphones. Of course, Honor 5A cannot boast of performance in modern gadgets – players pass by. However, for web browsing and moderate use, the device is more than adequate. The obvious advantages of Honor 5A are the 4G support and the presence of separate slots for the second SIM and MicroSD flash drive, so you can install both in the gadget.


  • Good value for money.
  • A Huawei brand case.
  • Large high resolution screen.
  • 4G support.
  • The presence of a function key Key Key, which allows you to launch applications even when the screen is locked.


  • Low battery capacity.
  • Photo / video quality Mediocre.

LG K8 (2017)

  • Screen: 5-inch diagonal, HD resolution
  • Processor / Video Processor: 4-core MediaTek MT6737 / Mali-T720
  • Memory (operational / embedded): 5 GB / 16 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 megapixels / 5 megapixels
  • Battery: 2500 mAh

Price: from 9,990 rub.

A buyer who does not have fundamental trust in Middle Kingdom brands should pay attention to the Korean novelty LG K8 (2017). In terms of functionality, this device is clearly inferior to the "Chinese", however, neither Samsung nor Nokia and, of course, Apple can not offer the best smartphone in the budget segment.

According to the technical specifications, the LG K8 (2017) is similar to Honor 5A – it costs only 2.5 thousand rubles. The housing is made of glass and frozen plastic, there is no metal in the list of materials used. The MTK processor is not the most modern and productive – however, if the user does not "load" it with heavy 3D games and demanding applications, then he will not be late. The 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels is made using IPS technology – a purely budgetary solution.

Among the shortcomings of LG K8 (2017), it can be noted a short battery life (the smartphone turns out to be downloaded in the evening) and lack of GLONASS support – although the latter is unlikely to attract attention with a functional GPS.


  • A brand for which there is no sin.
  • Good construction.
  • Support for LTE (but not LTE-Advanced).
  • Beautiful front room.


  • Low battery capacity.
  • A small amount of RAM.
  • The processor is not the first freshness.

Meizu M5s

  • Screen: 5.2-inch diagonal, HD resolution
  • Processor / GPU: MediaTek MT6753 with 8 cores / Mali-T720
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 3 GB / 16 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 13 megapixels / 5 megapixels
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Price: from 8,590 rub.

The first gadget launched by the Chinese company Meizu in 2017 was the Meizu M5s. The manufacturer has done an excellent job of eliminating all the shortcomings that users and experts have talked about in previous Meizu M5 device reviews – so M5s are considered to be one of the most advanced budget smartphones.

The main thing that has changed is the design. The M5s, unlike the M5, received an aluminum alloy casing covered with anodic oxide, which makes it look very impressive and expensive. Assemble on "5 plus" – you have no turns and holes where the dust could get clogged. The gadget is not without frame, but its display is made according to the now 2.5D fashionable technology and guarantees the most reliable color reproduction.

The Meizu M5s comes with a number of features you would expect to find in an expensive smartphone – but not in "budget." In particular, the gadget is equipped with a fingerprint sensor installed in the "Home" button, 4G support, intelligent power consumption technologies and fast mCharge charging. Meizu developers are particularly proud of the latter – according to the manufacturer's statistics, the M5s are capable of charging 60% faster than the average counterparts on average.


  • Premium metallic design.
  • A decent amount of RAM.
  • Support for all 18 frequencies of the range – including 4G.
  • The presence of a fingerprint scanner.
  • 2.5D HD screen.


  • Not the most productive processor.
  • Flyme OS is an "amateur" shell.

BQ Aquaris U Lite

  • Screen: 5-inch diagonal, HD resolution
  • CPU / GPU: Snapdragon 425 / Adreno 308 with 4 cores
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 8 megapixels / 5 megapixels
  • Battery: 3080 mAh

Price: from 7 690 rub.

Not only China – and from the country of origin of flamenco and bullfighting, curious models sometimes reach Russia as well. For example, the Spanish BQ Aquaris U Lite gadget undoubtedly deserves the attention of home users – even if it cannot be boasted with a metallic design.

The choice of Aquaris U Lite is recommended for those users who are looking for a good price camera with a good camera. The camera from BQ, of course, cannot be titled – only due to the resolution, which is very low – however, from the point of view of the quality of the shooting / video shooting, the device is not inferior to the models of the average price segment. An amateur photographer will surely delight in an abundance of various settings, slides and modes. Here you can adjust the white balance, ISO, exposure, set the time frames and, curiously, display images not only in JPEG format, but also in RAW – for further editing using computer programs. In addition to a decent camera, the smartphone is capable of boasting many useful features – say, the "Gesture Magic" function, which makes it possible to control the gadget without accessing physical buttons and support for LTE-Advanced, a standard. which allows you to "browse" the Internet at maximum speed.


  • A camera with many settings and "krutilok".
  • Android "Clean", which will always be updated in a timely manner.
  • NEC Dinorex glass, which effectively protects the device screen.
  • Captivating battery.
  • LTE-Advanced support.
  • Flexible equalizer.
  • Two year warranty service from the manufacturer.


  • Low overall performance.
  • Unpleasant faded design.
  • Plastic housing.

LeEco Le2 X620 16 GB

  • Screen: 5.5 inches diagonal, FullHD resolution
  • CPU / GPU: MediaTek Helio X20 / Mali-T880 with 10 cores
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 3 GB / 32 GB
  • Camera (back / front): 16 megapixels / 8 megapixels
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Price: from 9 490 rub.

It is not worth reading our selection in vain until the end, because we are the last ones to present a smartphone which, based on its technical characteristics, is a real monster. Если вы не являетесь принципиальным противником китайских брендов, вам однозначно стоит обратить внимание на LeEco Le2 X620.

LeEco Le2 X620 предстояло стать первопроходцем на российском рынке – а потому производителю было крайне важно сделать еголмелелелелелеп LeEco Компания оснастила гаджет монолитным металлическим корпусом минимальной толщины (7.5 всего мм), а также отдала дань моде, обратившись к технологии Frameless – благодаря отсутствию боковых рамок даже с 5,5-дюймовым дисплеем аппарат не выглядит громоздким и является удобным в использовании.

Производительность LeEco Le2 отменная. «На борту» 10-ядерный (!) Процессор от MTK, современный видеоускоритель и 3 Гб оперативной памяти. Все игры из магазина Google Play «идут» on the X620 с максимальными установками графики. При тестировании в бенчмарках смартфон от LeEco обходит и iPhone 6 и Galaxy Note 5. Из недостатков аппарата можно отметить отсутствие мм разъёма 3.5 – однако это простительно для гаджета, который при цене ниже 10 тыс. рублей обладает поистине «диким» функционалом.


  • Отменная производительность.
  • Премиальный безрамочный дизайн.
  • Дисплей с разрешением FullHD.
  • The presence of a USB Type-C connector.
  • Поддержка
  • Наличие дактилоскопического датчика.


  • Отсутствие стандартного разъёма под наушники.
  • Малоизвестный бренд.

Видео более распространена модификация LeEco Le2 X527, однако лучше предпочесть именно X620, потому как эта модель болевии.


Все бюджетные смартфоны, попавшие в рейтинг 2019 года, имеет китайское происхождение, что и неудивительно – дельцы из Поднебесной не жадничают и обеспечивают свои аппараты впечатляющим функционалом и современным дизайном. Пользователь, который остановит выбор на устройствах от именитых компаний в том же ценовом сегменте, однозначно, проиграет – ведь известный бренд хоть и гарантирует высокое качество далеко не всегда логичен по соотношению цена – характеристики.

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