The best Xiaomi fitness bracelets

The best Xiaomi fitness bracelets

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is well known for its smartphones. But no less interesting, the company is proving fitness bracelets.

Their first appearance on the market took place in 2014. Then the company introduced a new product line – Mi Band. Under this name, Xiaomi launches fitness trackers for five years. From year to year I receive positive feedback, and the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has been recognized as the best tracker of 2018 in Russia. Today we invite you to meet the best Xiaomi fitness bracelets of 2019.


  • 1 Band I 2
  • 2 Band I 3
  • 3 Band I 4
  • 4 Xiaomi Hey Plus

Band I 2

  • weight: 7 grams
  • Display: OLED, 0.42 inch 40 *72 points monochrome
  • Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • autonomy: to 20 days
  • Moisture protection: WR30. IP67

Price: from 1 300 rubles.

Since the first Mi Band, Xiaomi has been committed to launching affordable trackers, with features that are not inferior to more expensive competitors. In the second generation, this trend has not changed, the model has become even more interesting. Its main difference from the first device is the presence of a small but informative screen. It is black and white and displays information about time, loading, steps taken, heart rate. Plus it is the fact that the screen, with its simplicity, does not fade in the sun. Switching between the displayed information is done by means of a round button. Another difference between Band 2 was how to remove the case from the belt – now it's done inside. The first model has sinned because the housing has sometimes collapsed, the second bracelet makes this rarer, but according to reviews, some have lost the capsule.

Tracker features include a pedometer (error does not exceed 5%), sleep tracking, notifications (bracelet works with iOS 7.0, Android 4.4 or higher), a heart rate monitor. However, the device is not afraid of moisture – it can be watered (but not floated). The information is uploaded to the Mi Fit proprietary app, there is sync with Google Fit and Apple Health. For loading, the capsule is mounted on a swing. A full charge takes 2 hours.


  • Precise pedometer – the device does not consider riding a bus agitated as a hike.
  • Ability to customize notifications for specific applications.
  • The screen does not turn off in the sun.
  • There is moisture protection.
  • Convenient silicone strap – suitable even for the wrist.


  • Inaccurate sleep phase tracking – in one of the updates, the smart alarm mode was disabled.
  • Cheap, but it is on par with the new model.
  • Low vibration.
  • The capsule sometimes flies from the belt.

Band I 3

  • weight: 20 gram
  • Display: OLED, 0,78 inch 120 *80 points monochrome
  • Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.2 LE. NFC (optional)
  • autonomy: to 20 days
  • Moisture protection: WR50. IP68

Price: from 1 300 rubles.

The third version of the Xiaomi bracelet received a more thoughtful mechanism for fastening the case inside the belt and slightly larger dimensions, the latter due to the increased battery and large display. The last two points are connected directly – an enlarged display = high battery consumption, so you don't have to expect increased autonomy. Tracking works the same 20 days as previous versions. For control, now two buttons are used instead of one, the additional one performs the "return" function. To recognize the gesture, you must press the button clearly – this is convenient because it eliminates accidental clicks. The new model has improved vibration – it has become more sensitive. Moisture protection is enjoyable – the bracelet is not afraid to dive under water, which means you can take it with you to the pool.

Band 3 has changed its interface – there are three main desktops and the weather display for today and two days before. From the tracker you can now find a smartphone. This feature was liked by all users, without exception. Notifications about messages not only face the fact that it exists, but also displays the content, and this allows you to decide whether you want to urgently access a smartphone or not. The device syncs with iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 and higher. For this, the already familiar Mi Fit application is used. In addition to the functions listed above, the bracelet can control sleep, count steps and heart rate, and track daily activity. In the third version of Xiaomi, the smart alarm feature has been returned and according to reviews it started to work much better, which means that sleep control has become more precise.

On sale there is an NFC version, which is sold on average with 300 rubles more. Moreover, at this time, the contactless payment feature is not available for Russia, which means that it does not make sense to pay in excess.


  • Great set of features.
  • Displays the text of the message.
  • There is moisture protection – you can swim with a bracelet.
  • Belt support has become more reliable.
  • Sensitive vibration.
  • For sale there are changeable belts in different colors.
  • Sales
  • Improved smart alarm.


  • The NFC version is not relevant in Russia.
  • Plastic screen – it scratches fast.

Band I 4

  • weight: 22.1 grams
  • Display: AMOLED, 0.95 inch, 120 * 240 pixels, color
  • Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 5.0, NFC (Optional)
  • autonomy: up to 20 days
  • Moisture protection: WR50

Price: from 1 670 rubles.

Mi Band 4 is the new product of 2019, which has become the record holder for sales for the company. One million devices were sold in 8 days and that says a lot. Chinese buyers are lucky – Band 4 has NFC, which only works on the domestic market. They also have access to a proprietary voice assistant. Both functions do not work in other countries. However, other changes are worth moving to the fourth generation from the previous ones.

The model received updated sensors – now steps, sleep, pulse and other activities are considered much better. For example, a comparison with a thoracic heart rate monitor shows the same results. The device received a larger screen, became color and has 50 themes – any user can choose an option for himself. The manufacturer has not changed the size of the watch – the third generation belts are suitable. A pleasant fact is the tempered glass that protects the screen – it is almost impossible to scratch. The moisture resistance class has not changed, but now the tracker has a special way of training – swimming.


  • A large number of functions.
  • Safety glass on display.
  • The ability to choose the main topic for you.
  • The straps in the previous model fit.
  • There is a music control function in the phone.
  • A new training regime is swimming.


  • The NFC version is not relevant in Russia.

Xiaomi Hey Plus

  • weight: 19.7 gram
  • Display: AMOLED, 0.95 inch, 120 * 240 pixels, color
  • Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.2 NFC
  • autonomy: to 18 day
  • Moisture protection: WR50. IP68

Price: From 2000 rubles.

Hey Plus is a 2018 tracker designed for the Chinese market. Some call a rehearsal before the release of band 4, because they have almost the same functionality. Changes are minimal. At the same time, the model is more expensive. The differences are that the Hey Plus tracker is more compact and has a flat glass, rather than convex. Some users find that this is more convenient – the capsule does not accidentally grab clothes and will not fly out. Another difference is the control function of the smartphone camera. To charge the tracker, you do not need to remove it from the belt – the charger is worn overhead. Band 4 has an old loading mechanism. Also, the NFC function in Russia is not working.


  • A large number of functions.
  • A wide selection of topics and the ability to create your own.
  • Smartphone control function.
  • Convenient charging.


  • The NFC module does not work in Russia.
  • The high price, considering the existence of a similar model of functions Mi Band 4.
  • The device has been released for China – some cases have problems with the firmware.

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