ASUS Zenfone 3: Five user reviews about the smartphone camera

ASUS Zenfone 3: Five user reviews about the smartphone camera

I already told you, it seems, that everything is possible with the Asus Zenfone 3. Our friends on Instagram have tried both models.

Aigul @ vi66nya obtained a golden version with a nice round back texture and a 5.2-inch screen.

Asus Zenfone 3: Five user reviews about the smartphone camera

Another Instagram photographer, @ 19tones, used a 5.5-inch smartphone, made in Black Sapphire.

With these smartphones, we and our friends on Instagram, we can say, went through fire, water and copper pipes and at the same time, traveled half of Italy and discovered Moscow in a new way.

Dolomites Alps Visit by Vi66nya

Dolomites Alps Visit by Vi66nya

ASUS_Z017D INSTALLATION: ISO 50, F2, 1/767 s

Photograph of the parking lot of one of the commercial centers in Moscow, made of 19 tons

Photograph of the parking lot of one of the commercial centers in Moscow, made of 19 tons

ZE552KL INSTALLATION: ISO 100, F2, 1/13 s

As you probably remember, we organized the "Incredible already here" competition, based on the results of which we chose five winners. These five people had the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the new Asus Zenfone 3 smartphone, but also to make photo stories on them.
Let's find out what this "wonderful five" looks like about Asus smartphones.

Dmitry Kupratsevich

Asus ZenFone 3, first of all, pleased with the modern design. I am a photographer, and aesthetic pleasure is very important to me. The smartphone is ergonomic, ideally fits in the palm. With two-sided glass Gorilla Glass you can not be afraid of scratches. The screen has brightness and excellent resolution, the photos on it look colorful and bright. The camera phone is very good. They liked the focus features the most. You can focus on just about anything under any conditions and there is even a macro mode.

Of course, I will note the excellent camera settings: exposure can be set up to 32 seconds and practice shooting stars, opening F / 2.0 contributes to this. Modern figures of smartphone performance scare: Asus ZenFone 3 is a 64-bit eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with a clock speed of 2.0 GHz. I still remember when such indicators were considered excellent at home computers. Of course, this gives the smartphone a higher speed.

The interface is simple and straightforward. There will be no difficulties for Android users. And I, as owner of another Asus model, had zero at all.

P.S. I found an additional function of intellectual erasure: I did not find a suitable plot for this. Rather, the plots are full, but the specific thing about the mode is that the smartphone only eliminates moving objects, but for me the opposite is nice when there is a speaker in the frame.

Natalia's basket

I never removed the phone, so at first I was very nervous. It has been proven that even a child will be able to understand the ASUS ZenFone 3. Smartphone. Easy. Strong. A bright screen with a very clear resolution realistically and accurately transmits the image.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 262, F2, 1/50 s

The battery continues to charge for a long time even in the cold. The smartphone does not freeze and is not a buggy.
The smartphone has many modes that automatically adjust the camera for optimal shooting conditions. I did not expect such a macro and night shooting from a smartphone.

Also very pleased with the high speed focus during continuous shooting. Moving objects are not lubricated. The details remain clear even when zooming in. Thanks to the very efficient image stabilization system, all the photos were taken manually without a tripod.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 262, F2, 1/50 s

A high quality camera in combination with a responsive display makes it easy to capture important moments in life. Taking pictures on an ASUS smartphone is simple and fun. I am excited about the ASUS ZenFone 3 smartphone.

Oleg Vanilar

For a test drive, I received a new ASUS ZenFone3 smartphone model with a 5.2-inch screen diagonal.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 286, F2, 1/60 s

My goal was to create a thematic series of photos using different shooting modes, so I focused on studying the photographic part of the device. The resolution of the matrix is ​​16 megapixels, which is already a sufficient level of detail for most surveys faced by amateurs.

The first thing to notice is the high optical quality of the lens. Clear on the field, with good contrast and color. The viewing angle is wide, approximately equivalent to a 24mm lens on a full-frame SLR. Therefore, it requires practical skills, especially when shooting people at a distance.
It must be said that the distortion and distortion are minimal, they correspond to the level of expensive high-end wide-angle lenses. By raising the angle and the desired inclination of the photography, you can get an almost perfect image of the geometry and the correct fit of the object.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 104, F2, 1/250 s

The technical and creative capabilities of the room are also high. I will note the pro-HDDR of the cool level, "saving"; bright areas in difficult conditions, with a big difference in brightness. At the same time, the image does not look "gray", the camera software retains the brightness of color and contrast.

I really liked the "panoramic" mode with the automatic gluing of the frames without almost visible seams. The length of the panoramic image can be adjusted, which is undoubtedly a big advantage. The final image is very similar to the photos taken by the internal "Horizon".


Another interesting way is the super resolution. The camera automatically takes a few high-speed photos, combining them into a single photo with a 64 megapixel resolution. I was amazed that it can be done even with hands and even in low light conditions. There is no noise at all. True, it seemed that the noise level of the room is a bit redundant, along with the noise that "eats" very small details. I would definitely like to be able to adjust its intensity.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 1590, F2, 1/15 s

The most interesting ASUS ZenFone 3 photo chip is definitely a manual shooting mode. You can move the shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, and manual focus on clarity. At first, such advice using the selected point was unusual, but then it seemed very convenient. It was the manual mode that allowed the shooting of sports indoors with insufficient lighting. No matter how hard I tried with other automatic modes, nothing worked. By setting the shutter speed 1/500, it was possible to "freeze" the movement. Of course, the camera uses the maximum ISO 3200 at which the noise is very visible. However, you can deal with them in the photo editor. The 16 MP image resolution is quite high, so even the maximum noise is virtually invisible on large screens, not to mention smartphones and tablets.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 789, F2, 1/25 s

I tried to change the angle of view of the camera as the object approached (digital zoom). At the same time, the noise seemed unacceptable to me, so I immediately refused this opportunity. I would like the manufacturer in the future to equip the device with an optical zoom, which will greatly expand the photographic possibilities.

Editor's note: The Asus device portfolio has an Asus Zenfone Zoom smartphone with a triple optical zoom. This camera phone was in review in 2016. Furthermore, it is rumored that a new Zenfone Zoom will be announced soon.

The special ways of "portrait enhancement" and others seemed to pamper, though for most fans it will be interesting.

The camcorder photographs well, the optical stabilizer visibly dampens the vibrations of the hands. I will note the 4K resolution that the Zenfone 3 camera can film. The files turn out to be quite uveshistymi and their trouble-free viewing is possible either on the smartphone itself or on computers with sufficiently easy hardware.

For the rest of the functions of a smartphone, you can only talk about praise. Beautiful design, excellent screen, with the right color and without changes at different viewing angles.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 159, F2, 1/120 s

The device is very smart: you can feel a powerful processor and a lot of RAM. I throw the Wi-Fi mode, the smartest one I've ever seen, the internet just flies by.
The device itself has updated Android to the latest version. Everything is beautiful, simple and intuitive. Many self-diagnostic functions, sound settings, menus and screen.

Internal memory is enough to not use additional flash drives. They are needed for long trips or for a large amount of photos.

The battery allowed to shoot for a long time without recharging, often using movies. Charging the device is also fast.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 50, F2, 1/305 s

In summary, we can say that this is an excellent smartphone with very advanced photo functions. They require study, skill. But photography, thanks to Asus Zenfone 3, can be raised to a new level.

Svetlana Romantsova

Once I got to the finalists of the contest, I was very interested to test the phone, in whose description it was stated that it was created for a photo! The tests coincided with my work trip to New Caledonia, so it was very interesting to test the smartphone directly on the trip!

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 3200, F2, 1/4 s

The phone has a huge number of shooting modes and I was pleasantly surprised to get bright and high quality pictures, while the size, weight and design of the phone itself seemed very attractive.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 936, F2, 1/50 s
ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 70, F2, 1/120 s

One of my favorite modes was HDR and at night, the dark quality for the phone is simply amazing! Well, the front camera is also not below the coverage angle, and the location of the buttons is very convenient for the selfie!


Anton Ogarkov, winner of the contest "The incredible is already here"

I like filming complex scenes: movement, light drops, contrasts, color spots. To remove something like this, you have to have complete control over the camera. At ZenFone, I liked that the producers gave the photographer this control.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 103, F2, 1/50 s

If you want – get it out in a full car and the phone will work just fine. You want to go into manual mode and customize everything to your liking – ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation.


During the filming of "Gingerbread Story" I needed to create a framework where people would pass a static man. This means you had to shoot with a long exposure. And the phone offered me this opportunity. Overall, it's nice to see exposure up to 30 seconds, a wide ISO range and the possibility of delayed descent – you might even try shooting a starry sky on such a phone.

ZE520KL INSTALLATION: ISO 347, F2, 1/50 s

True, shooting in RAW is not enough, but I hope ASUS will introduce this feature in one of the following updates.

Editor's note: Indeed, while proprietary software does not provide the ability to save files in RAW format. However, the device allows you to install third-party shooting applications with RAW file preservation, and for critical cases, you can use it. Although most parcels can be easily removed with the tools offered by the ASUS owner program.

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