Budget review for Android PocketBook SURFpad reader

Budget review for Android PocketBook SURFpad reader

More recently, TFT readers have been a very inexpensive alternative to e-screen e-books. However, to date, prices for "e-ink" devices have dropped to 3-4 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, manufacturers of "TFT alternatives" were able to quickly explore a new workspace – and started producing Android-based readers.

PocketBook was one of the first to introduce a TFT reader on Android 4.0 in Russia. And more recently, PocketBook has taken and released an update to Android 4.1 for it. This is at a time when not all smartphones and tablets from global manufacturers have received the Jelly Bean firmware. With this unusual reader – it's called PocketBook SURFpad – we have to get acquainted today.


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Package package

The kit supplied with the device is standard for this type of device: a network charger, a microUSB cable, a warranty card and a quick start guide. There is no cover in the kit, however, the PocketBook online store for SURFpad offers a dozen such accessories in a wide variety of designs and colors. The price is human and starts from 650 rubles, the "ceiling" – 1,190 rubles.


I have never seen a similar design. First of all, we notice that for the first time among PocketBook readers we find a body that is clearly oriented towards the position of the landscape. The depths under the fingers on both sides of the screen clearly suggest this. And the speakers on the sides with a decent volume testify to the "horizontal orientation" of the model.

Photo PocketBook SURFpad

PocketBook SURFpad

The device is available in two color options: black with gray and black with white. The last one was in our hands – with the front "under the pearl" and soft plastic back. On the back cover on the sides there is a "perforation" note so that the reader does not slip out of his hands. The set is made in four countries with an extra, you can only detect "scratches" barely visible.

Back cover PocketBook SURFpad

Back cover PocketBook SURFpad

Given the presence of the Android 4.1 platform, it would be foolish to expect a button on the front. Therefore, the reader cost a volume rocker and a power button. Both elements are located in the upper right, when viewed in the orientation of the landscape.

PocketBook buttons SURFpad

PocketBook buttons SURFpad

On the right side is the memory card slot, headphone output and microUSB connector.

PocketBook SURFpad ends

PocketBook buttons SURFpad

The thickness of the model is 10.9 mm, the reader does not look bulky at all. And the normal weight in 285 grams doesn't bother the hand too much.


The presence of a TFT screen is the fundamental point that distinguishes tablet readers. It is certain that even tablet devices are now equipped with IPS arrays.

Of course, the PocketBook SURFpad is not amazing with the capabilities of the screen. Although critical color inversion is visible only on one of the four sides. Therefore, two or three people will be able to comfortably watch a movie on a reader or to know any information.

The 7-inch screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels – another typical feature of a new generation of readers. Five simultaneous touches are accepted, the screen's plastic cover responds to touches instantly.


A strange point in the reader's review is a clear indicator of how powerful and mobile solutions are proving to be. PocketBook "Heart" SURFpad is a single-core A13 Boxchip processor (ARM Cortex-A8 architecture) with a frequency of 1 GHz. Complete it with 512 MB RAM.

The "highlight" of the reader was the graphics accelerator Mali-400 MP, which is installed in many tablets at a price of up to 10-12 thousand rubles. I was able to play on PocketBook SURFpad in NFS: Most Wanted, Shadowgun, as well as Eternity Warriors 2 and Beach Buggy Blitz. These are clear examples of the fact that behind the harmless aspect of the reader is a device that does not perform well below a number of tablets.

System and reading

Given the availability of Android 4.1, it is not fair to talk about which book format supports PocketBook SURFpad. In short, all formats that can be run only by Android software. Pre-installed CoolReader handles all popular "containers". The presence of OfficeSuite ensures PDF viewing, as well as any Microsoft Office documents.

Android 4.1 on PocketBook SURFpad

Android 4.1 on PocketBook SURFpad

The list of additional programs includes Mail.ru, VKontakte and Odnoklassnikov, Yandex.Maps clients, as well as service applications with varying degrees of utility.

There is no support for Google Play, instead Yandex.Store is provided. Our experience has shown that this online store includes almost all popular Android games and programs.


The battery capacity is 3,000 mAh, this was enough for us for 4 hours of video viewing, 6 hours with a mixed set of tasks or 7 hours in read mode. Indicators that it would not be shameful to even attribute ourselves to a tablet.


PocketBook SURFpad can play HD video, organize Skype images, deal with any book format, and allows you to access the internet via Wi-Fi. At the same time, the model is flawlessly assembled, has an ergonomic body and runs on Android 4.1. An impressive set of features for the device at the price of 3,490 rubles.

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