LG L90 smartphone overview

LG L90 smartphone overview

At MWC 2014, Korean company LG introduced the new LG L90 smartphone among mid-range phones. The smartphone uses good hardware, so it has good performance.


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The handset has a fairly typical design for a mid-range phone – a "classic" rectangle with rounded edges. Two phone colors are for sale: black and white. Plastic body, made with a relief "under the fabric", thanks to the LGL90 is pleasant in the hand and looks beautiful. There are no small scratches on it. In the front of the phone is a grid that covers the speaker. Near it are light and proximity sensors.

LG L90

Four touch buttons are located on the display: "Back", "Home", "Menu" and a button to switch SIM card operation. Along the edges of the device is a thin edge designed "for metal". On the cover of the phone is a camera lens with flash, speaker grille and LG logo. The microUSB connector is located on the bottom edge of the phone. At the top of the phone is a headphone jack and an additional microphone. On the sides of the phone there is an on / off button and a key to adjust the volume.

LG L90

The edges around the display are thin, which adds style to the look. Overall, although the phone looks pretty "standard", it looks pretty solid and attractive.

Performance and software

The smartphone, like the previous models of this manufacturer, runs on Android 4.4.2 operating system, with Optimus interface. In addition to the Google Play app store standard for this operating system, the LG SmartWorld store is installed. The LG L90 smartphone has a quad-core Qualcomm MSM8226 chip, the frequency of each core is 1.2 GHz. The device uses an Adreno 305 graphics card. The LG L90 has 1 GB RAM and eight gigabytes of internal memory. It is possible to install a microSD card with a capacity of up to 32 GB. These components deliver good performance to the device, which is sufficient for the application and for most games. In terms of interface performance, the model is approaching many iconic devices.

The phone has Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS modules. There is also an infrared port, on which special software for controlling household appliances is installed.


The L90 smartphone uses a 4.5-inch capacitive display with True IPS arrays and a 590×540 pixel resolution. The low resolution is a slightly weak side of this phone, while the image displayed is bright, with excellent contrast and clearly visible in the sun.

LG L90


The LG L90 has two cameras: the front for video calls and the main for photography and video. The resolution of the main camera is 8 megapixels. The camera uses autofocus and zoom four times. The camera has five modes of shooting; In addition, there are settings for focus, brightness, white balance, ISO, including various color effects, etc. The new feature adds a voice activated shutter, cheese shutter. The main camera allows you to shoot Full HD videos with a resolution of 1920×1080. To save disk space, it is possible to record video in QVGA and QCIF formats.

LG L90


Battery installed in LG L90, quite large capacity – 2540 mAh. Thanks to this fact, the phone works without charge for a very long time. When you watch Full HD videos, your smartphone is capable of running for about five and a half hours. In addition to a powerful battery, this is ensured by the fact that the resolution of the qHD display can significantly reduce power consumption. When testing the smartphone with AnTuTu Tester, the battery scored 698 points, which is a very good result.

LG L90


For buyers who need a cheap smartphone, which in this case would be closer to the flagship models in functionality, buying this phone would be the best option. The device uses a powerful "fill", offering high performance. The smartphone is suitable to use all modern applications and most games. This model is a good combination of price and quality.

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