Review for Nokia Lumia 520

Review for Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone was announced at the MWC this year along with the Lumia 720. Thus, the Finnish company is trying to focus on the lower segment of the market. The gadget will be one of the most affordable WP8 smartphones. We can say that the phone is an unlocked version of the Lumia 720.

We offer the main disadvantages that, in our opinion, this device has:

  • some known applications are missing or incompatible with 512 MB RAM;
  • no FM radio;
  • without the front camera;
  • without LED flash;
  • no system file manager;
  • SatNav voice navigation is limited to one country.


  • 1 Appearance and management
  • 2 Performance and software
  • 3 display
  • 4 camera
  • 5 battery
  • 6 the cost

Appearance and management

Let's start with unpacking. The set received nothing new. Inside, in addition to the required documentation, you will find a charger, microUSB cable and headphones.

Accessories for Nokia Lumia 520

The smartphone itself is very compact, by modern standards. It is easy to operate with one hand. Its dimensions are 119.9x64x9.9 mm and its weight is 124 g. The gadget is not the thinnest, but it cannot be said to be too thick.

Nokia has created a simple and reasonable design that works just as well across the WP8 line of smartphones.

The device has a one-piece design hint, reinforced by the strong feel of the phone in your hand, but the battery cover is actually removable so you can access the battery. There are also slots for a SIM card and a microSD memory card. The Nokia Lumia 520 lacks some of the refinement of the Nokia Lumia 720, but remember that we are dealing with the cheapest device in this category.

The smartphone will be available in black, white, red, yellow and blue. Here you can, as in the Lumia 820, change the rear panels.

The order placement remains constant on all Nokia WP8 smartphones. The hardware buttons are located on the right side, a set of touch controls are located below the screen, the left side remains empty.

Thus, under the display you can see the "Back", "Home" and "Search" buttons. At the bottom you can see a small microphone hole. Above the screen is a speaker, proximity sensors and light. Nokia Lumia 520 has not received a front camera.

The top of the Nokia Lumia 520

The on / off button, volume rocker and camera key are on the right side.

Extremely right Nokia Lumia 520

There are no buttons or slots on the left side, unlike the Lumia 720.

Left side Nokia Lumia 520

A 3.5mm headphone jack is located on top of the Nokia Lumia 520.

The microUSB port is located, as usual, at the bottom of the smartphone.

The removable rear cover is made of matte plastic and equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, Nokia logo and speaker grill in the lower right corner.

Nokia Lumia 520 back cover

Removing the rear panel is quite easy. Then you will have access to a 1430mAh lithium-ion battery, SIM card slots and microSD memory card.

Overall, the Lumia 520 is a very nice smartphone to use. Although not the most compact, it fits in most pockets and hands.

Performance and software

Nokia Lumia 520 has the same Qualcomm MSM8227 chipset as other WP8 smartphones, with a 2 GHz Krait processor with 1 GHz frequency, Adreno 305 graphics accelerator and 512 MB RAM.

This is closer to what the flagship WP8 ​​models are equipped with (and noticeably better than the lower half of the average price segment of Android devices), which, in combination with the relatively lightweight Windows Phone 8 operating system, performs well.

AnTuTu for Nokia Lumia 520

Permanent memory in the smartphone – 8 GB. Can be expanded with 64GB microSD cards.

There is support for Wi-Fi, 3G, A-GPS / GLONASS and Bluetooth 3.0.

We expected the Lumia 520 to match the other entry-level and mid-range WP8 devices we tested in the SunSpider and BrowserMark 2. benchmarks. It turned out to be approximately the Lumia 720, which is more better than what we expected to see for this price range. .


Nokia Lumia 520 is equipped with a 4-inch IPS display with a resolution of 800×480 pixels, ie the density is 233 points per inch. This is bigger than the Lumia 720, as there is a 4.3 inch screen, but the benefits end there.

The Lumia 520 does not use ClearBlack technology, the contrast is lost. Note that the viewing angle is not bad. It uses fully reflective glass, so the phone can hardly be used on a bright sunny day.


The Nokia Lumia 520 has a 5 megapixel camera, capable of capturing images with a resolution of up to 2592×1936 pixels.

The physical camera button on the right will turn on the phone and launch the camera application. The camera app in Windows Phone 8 offers extensive settings, from scenes and effects to white balance, contrast, saturation, clarity, ISO and more. There is a dedicated way of macro focus. Also, various applications are available in the application, such as panorama, Cinemagraph and others.

The photos are good enough for a 5 megapixel camera: high level of detail, good contrast.

The noise level is quite high, and the colors are changed to the "cold" range.

Good photos are obtained when using macro mode. The Lumia 520 can be concentrated in a very close range.

Now let's move on to video footage. Nokia Lumia 520 can record videos with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. It turns out to be quite smooth, but few small details, more saturated colors than necessary.

Bitrates – 10.5 Mbps at a frame rate of 30 per second. Unfortunately, the Lumia 520 can only capture monophonic sound with a bit rate of 98 Kbps and a sampling rate of 44 kHz.

Video example.


The smartphone is equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 1430 mAh. According to the manufacturer, a charge should be sufficient for 360 hours of standby time, up to 14 hours 40 minutes of talk time over 2G networks, up to 9 hours 40 minutes of talk time over 3G networks, and up to 61 hours of music listening.

the cost

The price of Nokia Lumia 520 on the Russian market is 7990 rubles.

Nokia Lumia 520 Video Review:

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