✨Aesthetic Unboxing of Pink IPhone 13 and setup| Malaysia ✨ Cantik yang amat!

✨Aesthetic Unboxing of Pink IPhone 13 and setup| Malaysia ✨ Cantik yang amat!

Finally I received my new iPhone 13 in pink yesterday. I pre-ordered it on 1st October 2021 from Senheng through Shopee. Honestly, I was anxious waiting for it.

I previously used iPhone XS Max. It was a great phone compared to other android phones I’ve used in the past in term of camera and overall performances. Of course there are pros and cons but I did enjoy it.

The reason I decided to upgrade my iPhone is because of the camera, obviously. I love taking pictures and record video using my phone and I craved for wide angle camera and with added new features such as cinematic mode, I do hope to improve my skills in the future.

I created my own lockscreen wallpaper using picture of sunflower in front of my house.
– https://www.etsy.com/listing/1085707552/sunflower-2021-calendar-wallpaper?ref=listings_manager_grid

Akhirnya, tamat sudah penantian. Iphone 13 warna pink selamat sampai semalam. Saya antara manusia yang tak sabar-sabar buat pre-order ketika 1 Oktober 2021 dekat Senheng melalui platform Shopee.
Sebelum ni, saya menggunakan iphone XsMax selama 2 tahun. Ok laa berbanding menggunakan android phone. Sebab bertukar kepada iphone adalah kerana kameranya yang cantik dan ketahanannya di samping harganya lambat merosot di pasaran. Mestilah ada kebaikan dan keburukan, tapi keseluruhannya, saya suka menggunakan iphone buat masa sekarang.

I don’t want to bore you with my bebelan. Enjoy the video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe my channel.

Apple iPhone 13 – https://invol.co/cl6mmdd
Shopee – https://invol.co/cl6msjo
Lazada – https://invol.co/cl6mv12

🎵 Music : Take me away (VLLO)

Shot on iPhone Xs Max & Insta360 Go 2
Edited on iPad Pro 2018
Editing app:
1. Vllo – https://apps.apple.com/my/app/vllo-video-editor-maker/id952050883
2. Procreate – https://apps.apple.com/my/app/procreate/id425073498
3. iFont – https://apps.apple.com/my/app/ifont-find-install-any-font/id1173222289

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