 iPhone 11 & 11 Pro – Review

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0:00:22 – Conclusion
0:00:55 – Novel vs Incremental Upgrades
0:03:43 – The 3 Cs
— 0:04:13 – Consume
— 0:05:21 – Create
— 0:06:40 – Connect
0:07:35 – The Pleasure of the Flesh
— 0:08:15 – Measure / Frequency
— 0:09:46 – Hedonic Adaptation
0:10:53 – The Pleasure of the Flex
— 0:12:53 – Internal identity singling
0:14:39 – Intentionality
0:16:46 – Overall conclusion

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🌍 My website / blog – https://www.aliabdaal.com

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24 thoughts on “ iPhone 11 & 11 Pro – Review”

  1. Ok, here's something I used to try and be more materialistic. You want something, a new piece of tech and you're debating whether to get it. Think about how much you desire ut, how amazing it will be when you have it.
    Buy it, then remember in a month or two to come back and see how you feel about the product now? Most likely you've got totally used to that product and take it for granted. Hedonic adaption has occurred.

    Next time in your life you want something, ask yourself if in a few weeks, months or years will this make a significant improvement to your life or is it just a mild upgrade, an impulse or a purchase of status?
    If no then don't buy it, if yes and you're budgeting properly for it, then get it. You'll find yourself needing to buy much less stuff. You can save more and maybe more importantly focus your attention and time from materialism whichi is ultimately unhappy and unfulfilling and more to the things that truely bring happiness like spending time with friends and family, new experience, hobbies that you love ext..

    …then a few months later you crack and buy the new phone anyway lol.

  2. Sorry to say, but this video fucking change my mind. I was thinking about buying an iPhone. But now, I'm thinking about keeping my current phone for more 3 years. Thanks Ali Abdaal for making this video and changing my moron mind.

  3. Ever since the iPhone stopped slowing down iPhones on purpose, the sweet spot in upgrading iPhones is with every complete design refresh (every 3 years).

    Which is why I’ve kept my iPhone X until the new iPad like design in Q3 2020.

    Guaranteed ultimate ‘flex’ satisfaction.

  4. I upgraded to an 11 pro because my iPhone 7 stopped working. I think that is one of the only good reasons to buy a new phone. The less you buy new gadgets, the less carbon footprint you have (I think?).

  5. Iphones are great phones and, for most casual users, offer the best suite of features in any phone. That being said, Iphones perform poorly in terms of the Value-to-price ratio where value is viewed relative to android alternatives. Personally, I'd get a Oneplus unless you really need a class leading smartphone camera, you genuinely care about having a Iphone (like Ali said) or you're financially capable of spending Iphone money without losing any sleep over it.

  6. this video is absolutely brilliant, it almost echoed my decision making when upgrading to the iPhone 11, but in a much more organized and methodical way! nice one ali

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