3 Features the iPhone 13 Didn't Add!

These three phones feature bleeding edge features that the newest iPhone doesn’t touch.

The iPhone 13: https://youtu.be/C4sAUc_ZGMY

CreativeLive camera explainer: https://youtu.be/BsXIQkhsxEM

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20 thoughts on “3 Features the iPhone 13 Didn't Add!”

  1. battery percentage lol. phones had that in the damn 2000s

    Edit: and a fingerprint sensor. that would be cool. especially when the only biometric login needs your face and it isn't close enough, or is covered by a mask half the damn time

  2. Video gives home work to Apple. They can do a lot but they shun innovation. I am using Xiaomi 11T Pro. The 120 W fast charging itself is a gr8 USP. Apple believes in Orthodox innovation which is repented. Let Apple start with 50 watt charging.
    Thanks MKBHD for a very thoughtful Video.

  3. FYI: iPhone 13 Pro overheats when charging with an Apple made 20W charger. You need to turn on battery saving mode to improve that slightly

  4. The thing I love iPhones other than the features are that the designs are just too good, it doesn't just look like a phone, it's more like a artwork or whatever you wanna call it, but android phones just look like a piece of plastic and it doesn't have that kind of feeling like when your holding an iPhone.

  5. I honestly dont get that fast charging hype. All those 120W chargers do is destroy your battery even faster, and thats nothing thats unknown, and xiaomi sayin it doesnt do that just isnt convincing at all. Thats the main reason I just use my 5W adapter and charge my phone over night

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