47 thoughts on “9 iPhone Settings You Need To Turn Off Now [2022]”

  1. Share this video with 9 of my friends? I really don't have 9 friends, maybe 2 or 3.
    I appreciate these tips.

    (I just got a new SE and I don't see 'SEFCU' anywhere, well, I guess that's okay.)

  2. HI, I need help. Within the last couple of months, every time I get into my car, my old Itunes turns on, and sometimes I can't override it to listen to youtube while I"m driving. I called Apple Care and they didn't have an answer for me other than to take my car to the dealership and ask them to look into it. This is over the top annoying. Can I disable my Itunes or do something so it will stop? Thanks in advance!!

  3. How come i do not have the DELETE option when I click on an app on my desktop on Iphone 12 Pro Max?
    It wiggles but no option to delete…. only Delete Bookmark, Share Bookmark or Edit Home Screen.
    When it wiggles, it has the minus sign, but not like on other video tutorials which have delete app…
    I want to get rid of POP app on my phone but dont know how, please help?

  4. This could be helpful if they spoke slower. I took shorthand years and still couldn’t write fast enough to keep up. Better yet, give us a list to download or print.

  5. SEFCU, like a couple of my credit cards, benefit from tracking your location ALWAYS by checking to see if you are at the location where your card just got swiped for a purchase and use that info to approve the transaction or blocking and notifying you of this activity.

  6. I subbed, thank you for such useful info, Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ‼️‼️‼️‼️❕❕❕❕Albeit, I have an Android and miss using iPhone, thank you ❗❗❗❗‼️‼️‼️‼️

  7. I know you get tons of comments to read but I’ve asked several times for a comment on an important fact about shutting “Significant Locations” off !! If this setting is shut off it will stop “Optimized Battery Charging” even though the OBC appears to be on , IT IS NOT !!! Check it out next time you charge your phone and you will see that it does not stop charging your phone at 80%.
    PLEASE chime in on this and get it cleared up , because other channels are calling you out on this. Thank you

  8. My iPhone is older (iPhone 7) and “tracking” isn’t featured , (at least not under App Store or on that list) what should I do (besides get a new phone) ?
    I’m really happy I found your channel ! Thank you & Subbed .

  9. I had some features off like it’s mentioned in the video, and I still get ads. I just have one app on and I can’t believe how much this one app listens to you. Very helpful video, thank you

  10. hi david and david … love your channel and you have helped me a lot since my friend gave me her iphone 8 … pls could you help me … i keep getting a message all day long on the screen "allow this device to access photos and videos" … how can i stop this message completely … many thanks!! : )

  11. I'm a geezer so this was really helpful, except I had to stop and start it every few seconds to perform each suggestion, which was a lot of times. However, it is a great presentation as i was setting up my husband's new iphoneXL (I think). Also, is there any way you can make the titles to each section smaller so we can see the phone while you are talking about a particular option? Thanks. I will recommend you to other old folks…

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