90 of the BEST Cases for iPhone 13 Pro!

I take a look at more than 90 cases for the latest iPhone 13 Pro from countless brands. Which one is your favorite?

Find your favorite case here ➡ https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/09/22/iphone-13-case-roundup-protect-your-device-on-release-day

iPhone 13 Pro cases on Amazon ➡ https://amzn.to/3deNXuO

0:00 Intro
0:35 Apple
2:16 Belkin
3:02 Mous
4:12 Sonix
5:17 ESR
5:48 Rockform
7:07 Smartish
8:37 Moshi
13:55 Alto
14:36 Nomad
16:45 Popsockets
18:33 Survivor
19:39 Totallee
20:42 UAG
28:22 Cyrill
29:32 Speck
30:28 Zagg Gear4
31:38 Mujjo
32:59 Otterbox
34:53 Lifeproof
35:45 Moment
37:08 Incipio
39:07 Raptic
39:50 Caudabe
40:43 Casely
41:37 Casetify
42:57 Spigen
45:52 Grip2U

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31 thoughts on “90 of the BEST Cases for iPhone 13 Pro!”

  1. You compromised the phone by wrapping it with an insulator (case), no need to drop it.
    Every clwn doing this and no-one doing any heat tests.
    Phones are designed and built without cases.
    Be the first to grow a brain and cover this !!!!
    Thanks for the shallow 2d |see only| video.
    Damage is inside

  2. I've got the iPhone 13 Pro in silver but the more I look at the colour looks more like creamy white. Like having cases on my phone iv 2 clear cases 1 with magsafe on. But like to know what colour looks best for iPhone 13 Pro

  3. Love this video it’s hard to find videos for just the 13 pro I bought the 13 pro not the 13 pro max so I want to see videos on just the pro not pro and pro max videos

  4. I have the KKM tempered glass case from Amazon. It’s my favorite with very low price and all round protection. With crazy glue it also supports MagSafe. Interesting, no one reviewed it.

  5. Very disappointing there were no thin cases with switch gear cutouts so that you can interact directly with the phone's switches. Hate having the switches covered.

  6. I got the silver iPhone 13 pro max in the 128gb storage. I did an unboxing and set up video on my channel! The quality on this phone is beautiful.

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