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26 thoughts on “AESTHETIC UNBOXING IPHONE X 2021”

  1. Ever feel useless? Just look at the circle that’s meant to hide the password on 4:58 and we can clearly see the password from the keyboard 💀

  2. Betul Kata akak Tu saya beli kat seller ni Kan saya terus dapat battery health 98%😊by the way saya beli iPhone x Sama macam akak😊 tapi hanya mampu 64 GB je😞😞😞

  3. Everyone here saying : “i always watch these videos when im getting a new phone 🥰 im so excited !!!” — and im here watching it bc i wish for it but im never getting it🙂

  4. in fact, I'm having a hard time sleeping thinking and watching the unboxing videos of the iphone x xs xr and xs max because I'm going to buy that for my birthday 😂😂

  5. Asslamualaikum kak Farah saye nb gaming woo nak tanye kak Farah beli iphone x di shopee kan ade warranty tak kepada iphone x tu berape harga kak Farah beli iphone x tu

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