All iPhone XR Colors Unboxing + Comparison

Massive iPhone XR Unboxing & All Colors Comparison Review! Unboxing all 6 new iPhone XR colors!
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47 thoughts on “All iPhone XR Colors Unboxing + Comparison”

  1. These were the Good Days When iPhones had chargers in them even if they were just 5 watt. I just Got a iPhone XR cuz My iPhone 12Pro Got Stolen . And I got a Slim boxxx.

  2. Marques probably the Red Ranger, no questions asked. iJustine claimed Coral, Jonathan will be the Blue. Austin Evans will be Yellow, White is UrAvgConsumer and lastly (drumroll 🥁) Black will be SuperSaf (sorry as he is good on portraying villanous ranger)

  3. would've been nice if these came with colored accessories. Would've been so cool to get a black charger, lightning cable, earpods, and stickers with my phone.

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