Apple iOS 14 review: A better iPhone experience (Or you can pretend it’s still iOS 13)

Apple’s new iOS 14 brings a host of new improvements, but a little strangely, almost all of them are optional. Want more granular privacy controls? They’re available, but you’re free to ignore them. Want to replace your home screen with a full page of Siri-generated suggestions, and move all your other apps to a series of auto-categorized folders? You can do that, or you can leave your screen looking how it always has. Picture-in-picture, widgets, threaded messages, changing default apps, all of these features are optional, but take a little time to dig in and we think almost everyone will find a new feature they love.

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28 thoughts on “Apple iOS 14 review: A better iPhone experience (Or you can pretend it’s still iOS 13)”

  1. I have youtube premium on my android phone, but I was under the impression that even if you have iOS 14 AND YouTube premium you still don't get picture in picture. You can only listen to it with the screen off or while in another app, but without the picture

  2. Omg I hate this new 14 iOS im getting inpatient with moving my icons they go to other places on my screen I have odc so I’m flipping out at my phone I’m so close to throwing it!!! I hope apple will have a better update ASAP!!!!!!!🤯🤬

  3. It's good that Apple is finally realizing they make the worst apps out of all the big 3 (Google, Microsoft & themselves) and letting us choose to not use their crap by default.

  4. Apple has removed ‘Capture Outside the Frame’ from iOS 14. Please make a review about this. I have photos with & without the feature. WITH the feature, I was capturing photos up to 17MP with my 12MP camera. Now that’s gone. I’d be happy to provide you with examples if you review this travesty.

  5. How is that it's still not possible to lock individual apps on iOS? 🤔🤔
    It's hard for me to wrap my head around that

  6. The plus here is that Apple finally adding customization puts a lot of pressure on Google. The Apple, the fan base and developers will accelerate the customization evolution much faster than Android. Google's Pixel 5 hardware is pitiful in comparison to the soon to retire iPhone 11.

  7. I have to say the update hasn't done anything for me. My personal phone is android and my work phone is apple. I found that I was trying to customize my iPhone the way I would me android and it was frustrating. Apple still holds the reigns when it comes to customization.

  8. I just switched to Apple from android, and I HATED the Home Screen. There was no freedom, where in Android you had widgets, you could choose to have an app drawer, and you could place apps and widgets wherever you’d like. Now Apple is finally realizing one of the reasons I stayed on android for so long, Android has a better home screen

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