Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max: Unboxing & Review

Detailed unboxing, review, and comparison of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Includes battery benchmarks, camera demos, screen comparisons, software demos, and much more.


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43 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max: Unboxing & Review”

  1. i have the 11 pro in space grey with 512gb because my dad upgraded to a 12 pro but was able to keep the 11 pro that used to be his but he gave it to me

  2. I love my iPhone 11 Pro Max
    I had a ordeal with it. When I got it my iMessage would activate with my number. Called Verizon they fixed it
    Then 2 weeks later my SIM card had an error in it. So when I was on wifi my data was disabled. I had to get to get a new SIM card. I haven’t had an issue since.
    They think the SIM card was going bad which was had I had iMessage and FaceTime activation issues. They saw an error they never encountered when I called customer service. But when I got a new SIM card I haven’t had an issue since.

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