Apple iPhone 11 Review: the best iPhone for most people

Thanks to some under-the-hood improvements, a new camera and its $699 starting price, you’re getting more of what matters for slightly less. In absolute terms the 11 might not be the “best” iPhone, but it’s still the better choice for almost everyone.

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23 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 11 Review: the best iPhone for most people”

  1. Nearly 3yrs after this iPhone 11 was released and I am about to upgrade to it from a low end Samsung 💀💀💀😭😭😭…..I’m scared….how am I going to move everything from my glitchy Samsung A10 TO my iPhone 11? Someone help….I have never had an iPhone before but I have an iPad Air 4 so hopefully it’s not too different.🙏🏾

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