Apple iPhone 12 mini full review

This year Apple has come out with the iPhone 12 mini – which offers the features of the latest iPhones2 in a bite-sized package. So how small is this phone, and is it as good as its larger siblings? Let’s find out in our full review by looking at its build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Design and build
1:33 5.4’’ Super Retina XDR OLED screen
2:26 Loud and good quality stereo speakers, no headphone jack
2:55 Storage options
3:06 Fast and secure face unlock with 3D scan
3:22 iOS 14
4:13 Apple A14 Bionic chipset performance
5:04 Battery (2200mAh) and charging
5:57 Camera specs
6:10 Daylight photos image quality
6:56 Low light photos image quality
7:43 Selfies
8:22 Video quality
9:24 Conclusion

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  1. Why on every videos his pictures are in the same place and the people doing the photos for him always doing the same thing sometimes I feel like he's finessing and using back old footage

  2. I was torn between the 12 and the 12 mini (can't afford any of the pro models). I finally went with the Mini. I figure big phones will be here forever. Small phones may not, so better get one now. Also it's ideal one handed!

  3. why companies go for large and large phones? big phones are very troublesome to carry in shirt pocket or in pant pockets. companies producing phones should have sense to produce user friendly and carry friendly phones. todays phones with large and larger sizes are just like carrying 1 kg weight with the body.

  4. T h a n k s very much for the wonderful review. Enjoyed watching to the end. GSMArena has always been my go-to-site for many years whenever I look for phone specs. It's nice to have them on YouTube as well. Appreciate the TimeStamps / Chapters. QUESTIONS: Can you use a stylus on the iPhone 12 Mini? What's the best wireless charger for this phone? Stay safe guys. God bless.

  5. I have a note 9 and this and i keep on reaching for the 12mini more and more now 😂 coz of its size its sooo comfy to hold! 😱 i think this is a realization i didn't know i needed

  6. Should have called it the iPhone 12 Compact and it would have sold better. Mini sounds like you're getting a lesser phone.

  7. Im getting this on Friday its my first ever apple product I usually have samsung or android rn I have an LG stylo 4 and a Samsung galaxy tab s6

  8. " you need to buy charging brick if u dont already have one " , yes i do have and none of them works with the newest cable so nope, the argument of saving the planet from plastic chargers is a lie cause no matter if u have 10 apple charging bricks , they dont have the same port to connect with the 12 cable.

  9. i just ordered this phone 128gb product red… the size the samsung s7 was perfect to me even tho this is a little bit smaller I aint worried i love small phones

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