Apple iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Review!

iPhone 12 Pro Hands on Impressions + MagSafe Charger, Case & Wallet Review and Demo of how the Magnetic Wireless charging works. Subscribe for my full iPhone 12 Pro Review!
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33 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Review!”

  1. Does anybody else think there should be a clockwise/counter clockwise mechanism on the mag charger??? Think about it, it would make the phone easier to utilize while plugged in, especially when switching to landscape and portrait mode.

  2. It’s called a MagEZ charger, it’s been sold by Pitaka for over 7 years now, way before Apple even thought of it and personally the one from Pitaka is better, it’s a stand that sticks to your desk so you can remove the phone with one hand or use the port on the phone and the one from Pitaka even has a cooling fan if the phone gets warm from the fast charging, Apple welcome to the 21st century.

  3. What if Apple figured out how to transfer power from a special Apple power brick and made a new MagSafe puck for the back of your phone that was wireless but receives electricity from the wall brick?💁🏾🥬

  4. After years of shitty charging cables that break fast, and basically unusable iPhones unless I have my portable charger on me because of the battery, I’m so ready for portable magsafe.

  5. Thanks for this! One question: can you use the MagSafe to charge while you have a normal case on? I always have photo cases made and don't want to take it off every time I need to charge…

  6. DJI Osmo Mobile 4 has magnetic mount. Imagine not needing that adapter mount and just slapping the iPhone onto the gimbal using the magnets.

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