Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max full review

When looking at this year’s iPhones, the 12 pro max is the highest tier model you can get. What does this phone have that the others don’t, and is it worth spending the extra cash for the Pro Max? Let’s take a look at the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Design and build
1:16 6.7’’ Super Retina XDR OLED screen
2:00 Top notch stereo speakers, no headphone jack
2:35 Fast and secure face unlock with 3D scan
2:48 Storage options
2:59 iOS 14
3:41 Apple A14 Bionic chipset performance
4:30 LiDAR scanner
4:48 Battery (3687mAh) and charging
5:45 Camera specs
6:06 Daylight photos image quality
7:08 Portraits
7:25 Low light photos image quality
9:00 Selfies
9:28 Video quality
10:41 Conclusion

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34 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max full review”

  1. I wish the caveat was added that it is not friendly for one handed use with smaller hands. Im 6 foot 5 and that phone will fit perfectly in my hand for one handed use. Not everyone is a dwarf with small hands.

  2. My iPhone 12 pro max buy 10 month..2 month warranty have.. Battery charging problem… Full charge finish fast fast.. Please advice me…warranty 2 month have Battery change free service???????

  3. When Moe was recommended to me I didn't want to waste my time so I was doubting at first, but right now after said and done
    My device got fixed perfectly…. Thanks for helping out even when I did not trust you..

  4. I dont know how you all thought but my iphone 12 pro max have many problem, buy it not more then 10month,screen always blackout, but the button still have response,is like like blackout and flickering…try many method but still the same,the only is i just need leave it for hour before can use…im not going buy iphone far worse then samsung and huawei..

  5. ..I like Samsung Note 21…I just won this iPhone 12 Pro from a recent giveaway ….I'm just here to pick up a few points so I can convince people I'm sellin this brand new iPhone 12 to pay more money…

  6. I have the iPhone 13 pro max in white 128gb and did an unboxing video on my channel! Absolutely love this phone. I also did a Spigen clear glitter case unboxing and try on, this is a great case if anyone is wanting a clear but slimming case for the 13 pro max. Awesome phone!!!!!

  7. Anyone thinking of investing in these phones should think again besides being overpriced does not contain a charger or headphones, apple claim it makes for smaller boxes that they in turn can get more on a pallet( what bloody shit) this phone is grossly overpriced and more expense has to be incurred before the phone shall work.
    Shit company buy Samsung they are still giving chargers and headphones ……

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